Are Black Americans Able to Forgive Each Other?

As adults, we are reminded daily that accountability is necessary. However, it appears that Melanoid people across the country have a tendency to be excessively harsh toward each other, often at times when holding each other accountable is unwarranted.

Although many of us obviously have no issues forgiving people in the dominant society for the atrocities they commit against Melanoid people on a regular basis, we are quick to hold our own Brothers and Sisters on a short leash after they make minor and harmless mishaps. One example of this is when a Melanoid business owner provides a slightly below average service or product, and we will be quick to declare that we will no longer ‘buy Black’ because of the isolated experience that we had with the Black-owned business.

Another unfortunate example of our intolerance for each other occurs when one of our own becomes disgruntled with dating one particular Melanoid person, yet wants to completely write off the prospects of dating and/or marrying another Melanoid person from that point forward… often in favor of dating/marrying a member of the dominant society. In order for us to combat the evils of racism/white supremacy, there must be a shift in the way we deal with each other. Members of the dominant society often dislike each other, yet they understand the benefits of getting on code in order to advance the agenda of the collective. This ensures that their racial group(s) survives and thrives for years to come.

If we have it in our hearts to foolhardily forgive outsiders who are routinely murdering our sons and daughters, can we cut our own people slack for making minor mistakes in spite of having good intentions? –Bryson Clark, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation (April 13, 2015)

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