Australia---the "good" and the "sad"

"The Good”

The Ladies actually cooperate, very different from American women especially if you’re a brother. A lot of different nationalities reside in Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. A few guys, American guys, I'm close with, found their wives in Australia this past year. Me, I, in my 6 days in Australia, I had to stand up a few chicks (FLAKE) on them because I just didn't have the time. I’d communicate with my girls through Wi-Fi emails; I would get their emails instead of numbers, of course, you know why, so many that I actually started to ask them to send pics when they emailed me so I could keep up. Brazilians, Britains, and French you name it, in those six days I met them. Even the guys in my video I met in Australia were like. "Damn MAC, you taking ALL the girls." We went out once, and I would break the ice for them with a group of girls then I would introduce them, & this is their country. However, as AMERICANS, I think we pride ourselves in hunting the ladies. NOT here to impress you guys on my game, I’ll BLAME that on being from the USA. It’s like taking the NBA all-stars to play the Australian all-stars. Get my point. It's levels different. 

In general, people in Australia are super cool down to earth--Girls and Guys. Helpful. Moreover, the best thing I like about Aussie (Australia) is the accents; I love hearing them talk, and the BEST part about that is they love our accent just as much if not more. You could say anything to a girl, and she would be receptive just because of the sound of your voice; of course use confidence. I was crossing the street asking for directions, and this girl hears my voice and says "where are you from?" then proceeds to ask me to hang out with her and her girls later that evening. I once was in the mall, and I saw this beautiful Indian girl dressed in a female business suit (black skirt and blazer). I went up to her and began asking about the food in the food court where she was ordering lunch from; of course you know I could care less about the food, and then I proceeded to get her email, and, of course, I'm trying to be alone with her later that evening. Come to find out she was a lawyer and had to go to an office meeting and had a limo waiting out front of the mall. Moreover, she says to me, “I never get guys to come up to me in public places, more or less the mall" go figure. Moreover, that she has a boyfriend, but he's leaving Aussie, so she was down. However, it was my last night in Aussie, although I really wanted to see the Indian woman that was about 24 years of age, she couldn't get away from work soon enough and by dinner, I was in my hotel room with this thick Somalian girl. Met her out walking her dog and her girl was leaving the bar and going home to get extra fly for the club. I’m like "this is my last night here, so I'd rather chill, so you go back and get fly and bring your ass to my hotel" like clockwork she did just that. 

WARNING: A girl I met talked about meeting guys and just getting married to them just to come to the USA; she was in a playful tone about it, a joking manner, AND she was also from London, not Australia. She was visiting. However, honestly compared to America, I honestly fell in love with that place. I'm looking to move there soon. However, citizenship is not easy.
Since you guys are curious about the game in other countries, I just got back from Japan, and I have a video I'm working on with the night scene, girls, etc. They party harder than us when the club closes at 6am Sunday morning; another one opens up till the pm and every Japanese girl I dated paid for the meals when we went out, cooked clean, etc. You could meet a Japanese girl, bring her to your house, leave her there for a few hours and go to work, etc., come back home, and the house is cleaned, clothes are washed, and a meal would be ready. It was there that I learned that those types of actions beat a Fat Ass and pretty face any day. It was there that I learned to measure women by their actions, not looks; if you’re interested, I will post the video. Yes, we all know this but to experience this IS GRATIFYING.

"The Sad"

The racism there towards Aboriginal people is sad. I met a few brothers, and I could see that they didn't have any pride about them; their self-esteem is not like African American people. Some won't even shower. The Hidden Colors documentary tells all about this, and after watching Hidden Colors, 2 months later I went to Australia, and while I'm chilling in the club, this white girl tells me about how she is Aboriginal and how her great-great-grandparents were black and about Australian Day, etc. -Mac Loving, Courtesy of UPA (May 9, 2015)

(The below is a video that was made by Mac Loving of his experience in Australia. You can view more videos from his channel here.)

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