Comfort Sex

I listened to the Flystream, and Your Royal Flyness went over why women will still let their guys hit even after they’re broken up.

I’m paraphrasing Your Royal Flyness below.

Your Royal Flyness: Women get horny, so women come back to their exes for comfort sex. The fact that you once dated allows her to feel comfortable once again having sex with you with no strings attached. Also, women can be completely turned on by another man, but still come to you for comfort sex while thinking about the other man just so she doesn’t ruin her reputation and look like a slut.

My ideas about comfort sex.

If you just read this, then you know what’s happening when your ex starts hitting you up. I’d tell anyone, since you know she’s using you for comfort sex, hit up her pockets; even exchange.

Why does it stop when she gets a new man? (Your Royal Flyness asked this question)

It’s because she’s now getting comfort from him. (Your Royal Flyness answered this) –TheKing_65 (July 19, 2012)

(You can pick up Your Royal Flyness' books here.)

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