White supremacists & feminists have the same ideology & argument structure

Black people commit the same crimes as white people, but black people are criminalized.
White people riot & loot: Nobody says anything. Black people do it: Everybody loses their fucking minds. As a matter of fact, it's not even seen as white people looting, they say they're just "trying to survive," if you remember Hurricane Katrina.
A white guy shoots up a school or movie theater, "he was a good, God-fearing Christian; he loved his parents, but had mental issues"; he either gets shot because they had no other choice, despite numerous warnings, or he surrenders.
A black man running away from a cop: Put 8-10 bullets in him, fire upon his vehicle over 50 times on the night that he is leaving his bachelor party. They instantly reach for the gun first & nothing else dealing with us.
It's always, "Did the officer know he wasn't armed? Did the kid fully comply with the officer? I'm not defending the cop. I'm trying to become more educated on the situation."

Now, take out the race & insert gender; it's the same argument structure & ideology.
In social relationships involving men & women, women do the same things they accuse men of doing, yet men are criminalized for it, or looked at like they are the scum of the earth, while people say little to nothing about women.
A man cheats on a woman: He's a dog; men are all dogs. A woman cheats on a man: Well, he probably deserved it.
A man hits a woman: Woman beater, scum of the earth. A woman hits a man: People cheer, she's a Shero. He deserved it, self-defense. What did he do wrong?
A woman doesn't want to have a kid: Abortion. A man doesn't want to have a kid: Too bad. He should have thought about the consequences. He shouldn't have fucked her or had unprotected sex, or deadbeat dad.
You can all see where I'm going with this; you can see the pattern. The reality is that bitch is a murderer.
White guys used to follow my page because I would talk about the wack shit women would do, sometimes even about feminism. However, the minute I talked about black social politics, they wanted me back on Simping, & feminists are "our" enemy, despite the argument structure being very similar.
They were white; racism wasn't their problem as far as they were concerned, and so their problems with women & feminism weren't mine.
As a black man, I notice that black women's argument structure mirrors feminists' argument structure, which means if a bitch says anything remotely close to the examples I gave above, she has feminist & white supremacist ideologies.
I've already said that black women, who think being submissive is being weak, also have feminist ideologies. They just haven’t come out of the closet yet, so when you recognize the pattern, the argument structure, know that you're dealing with someone with a white supremacist mindset. They are not our allies, but keep thinking you need black women that have those same ideologies. -SSM (April 28, 2015)

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