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The Moynihan Report (1965) Chapter 5

Chapter V. The Case for National Action

The object of this study has been to define a problem, rather than propose solutions to it. We have kept within these confines for three reasons.
First, there are many persons, within and without the Government, who do not feel the problem exists, at least in any serious degree. These persons feel that, with the legal obstacles to assimilation out of the way, matters will take care of themselves in the normal course of events. This is a fundamental issue, and requires a decision within the government.

Second, it is our view that the problem is so inter-related, one thing with another, that any list of program proposals would necessarily be incomplete, and would distract attention from the main point of inter-relatedness. We have shown a clear relation between male employment, for example, and the number of welfare dependent children. Employment in turn reflects educational achievement, which depends in large part on family stability, which reflects…

Standing On Your Principles

I’m going to seem petty to some guys here but to me this post is about principles, and I rarely break them. Last night I hit this club up and got at this White chick; she was decent, but trying too hard. (She shook my hand like we Black folks do our homies.) The conversation was cool until she asked my age. I used this bit of game I got from someone else a while ago on handling that question. (I don’t tell my age unless a woman tells me hers first.) I told her, “Ladies first.” She told me no that’s not going to work and asked my age again. I told her that that’s not happening. She guessed my age and actually guessed right, but I told her that I’m not telling you my age until you tell me yours. She finally came out with it. I told her mine next. Now, this may seem really petty, but I don’t care. I don’t tell my age. I have very close friends that don’t even know my age, but the reason I did this is because any female messing with me is going to get down with my program. That’s it. I te…

Women Are Silent Choosers

Here's something for my dudes out there to think about.

Some of you are under the impression that women sit back and wait for the man to step to them. Moreover, on the surface, this may appear to be true. However, what a lot are you are missing are the quiet yet subtle ways that females actually step to you.

While it’s true that women like for a man to be the aggressor, females also are quite aggressive themselves; just in different ways from us.

I had this experience recently in a lounge spot here in Atlanta. I was posted up, talking to this nice looking light skinned chick, when a trio of females came walking by. The lead female stopped in front of me, turned around and said something to her girls. Then they proceeded to walk past. I noticed her because she was fine; but didn't pay too much attention to it. Meanwhile, the light skinned chick I was kicking it to said:

"You didn't just see that?!"
"See what?” I responded.
"You didn't just see 'the pos…

Metaphysics of the Game Part 3

Women really aren't that complicated. Either you are what they perceive as their best option, or you're not. It really is that simple.

So, all you got to do is work on being the best man you can possibly be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Once you max your potential on all of these fronts, you won't have to think about how to open; you'll be too busy laughing to yourself at how hard this chick is trying to close! :-D B-) 

Does this mean that you are stuck in a holding pattern until all of the boxes are checked off? Hell no! Potential being realized is just as potent as realized potential if you know how to portray it. It all boils down to how you feel about YOURSELF. Your un/subconscious vibe is what really does all of the work. The message I preach is so simple yet so powerful it boggles MY mind sometimes.

It is an infinite loop that perpetuates itself much like the theory of perpetual motion. The hardest part is getting it going. Once yo…


It’s a sunny afternoon in Santa Monica, and the Houston rapper Chamillionaire is making himself comfortable in an airy conference room where piles of money are routinely doled out and negotiated over. We’re on the fourth floor of the temporary offices for Upfront Ventures, an investment firm valued at $280 million. If you look outside you can see palm trees poking up in the distance and the blue spread of the Pacific Ocean beyond that. Cham’s sitting in a swivel chair, resting his elbows on a frosted-glass table, angling forward as he explains to me the difference of being “rich” vs. being “wealthy.”

“I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy,” he tells me. “I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day. The Snapchat CEO is 24 years old and a billionaire. How many billionaires do I have to walk around the music industry to find? I’m in Silicon Valley, I’m in L.A., I’m in Santa Monica, and I’m seeing billiona…

Game, Education, and what it means to be Free

Let’s break it down from the beginning:

You're born into this world knowing absolutely nothing as a baby; you're innocent and dependent on parents and the good will of other human beings to feed you and keep you alive. As you grow older, your mind is accumulating data, because by nature, growing up means that you become less dependent on others for your survival. This is very clear in children. Your body grows at an insane rate as a child; your senses develop as well, all for the sake of improving your chances of surviving, by becoming stronger and proactive. As you grow, you get stronger, faster, smarter, etc. Throughout this time, you're learning more about the universe, attaining knowledge, so you don't have to ask questions or seek guidance from other people - this is what I mean when I use the word "education": it's a natural progression that is innate in human beings, who want to conquer the universe, so that they can lead more independent lives with…

Tariq Nasheed: Mentoring

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Down-Low Men

Here is a little free game for the women and men on down-low men.

First, there is no such thing as a down-low man. Either he’s homosexual or heterosexual. Also, some homosexual men act masculine. Often women call guys who aren’t desperately trying to smash them, down-low. Guys who aren’t desperately trying to smash you, either aren’t interested or they just have control over their desires. If you’re encountering this, either step your game up or charge him to the game.

P.S.: If you don’t know how to step your game up, then that’s an even bigger problem, and you should ask more questions to learn how.

Furthermore, about down-low, women, please quit using this word because it makes you look very lame. Men don’t call fems (feminine lesbians) down-low. They’re simply lesbians. Women you should try using this approach: masculine men are heterosexual until proven otherwise. We men use this approach until proven otherwise: feminine women are heterosexual until proven otherwise. -TheKing_65 (Jul…