Standing On Your Principles

I’m going to seem petty to some guys here but to me this post is about principles, and I rarely break them. Last night I hit this club up and got at this White chick; she was decent, but trying too hard. (She shook my hand like we Black folks do our homies.) The conversation was cool until she asked my age. I used this bit of game I got from someone else a while ago on handling that question. (I don’t tell my age unless a woman tells me hers first.) I told her, “Ladies first.” She told me no that’s not going to work and asked my age again. I told her that that’s not happening. She guessed my age and actually guessed right, but I told her that I’m not telling you my age until you tell me yours. She finally came out with it. I told her mine next. Now, this may seem really petty, but I don’t care. I don’t tell my age. I have very close friends that don’t even know my age, but the reason I did this is because any female messing with me is going to get down with my program. That’s it. I teach them from the gate that when you’re messing with me, it’s my way, or you’re gone. Being so steadfast that I won’t reveal my age has cost me some broads but I view it as saving myself a future headache because if a broad can’t do something that simple then I know that I’ll simply be headed for problems. Now, with this White chick I get the vibe that she’s dealt with a lot of Black dudes that put White pussy on a pedestal from my short interaction with her, but if this happens to be the case, then I’ll simply mash on her like any other broad. I don’t change my standards no matter what and none of you should either. –TheKing_65 (August 24, 2014)

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