Women Are Silent Choosers

Here's something for my dudes out there to think about.

Some of you are under the impression that women sit back and wait for the man to step to them. Moreover, on the surface, this may appear to be true. However, what a lot are you are missing are the quiet yet subtle ways that females actually step to you.

While it’s true that women like for a man to be the aggressor, females also are quite aggressive themselves; just in different ways from us.

I had this experience recently in a lounge spot here in Atlanta. I was posted up, talking to this nice looking light skinned chick, when a trio of females came walking by. The lead female stopped in front of me, turned around and said something to her girls. Then they proceeded to walk past. I noticed her because she was fine; but didn't pay too much attention to it. Meanwhile, the light skinned chick I was kicking it to said:

"You didn't just see that?!"
"See what?” I responded.
"You didn't just see 'the pose'?"
"See what pose?"
She then proceeded to explain 'the pose' to me.
"When those girls were just walking by, the one in the front with the long hair stopped DIRECTLY in front of you, posed up for you to get a good look at her, then turned and kept walking. THAT WAS YOUR INVITATION TO STEP TO HER."

As God is my witness, I didn't catch that! Moreover, I consider myself to be a pretty observant dude.

When a woman sees a guy she's feeling, many times she'll give off 'soft' hints and clues that she's feeling him. It's up to you as the man to catch these signs and act on them. It's called body language. Women are experts in reading and speaking body language. They can detect a genuinely confident man from way across the room, merely by the way he walks in and carries himself. They can also identify a guy who lacks confidence.

You as a man and a Mack have to learn how to read female body language. She's constantly speaking to you. All women do. However, you have to listen past her words and learn to equally listen with your eyes.

Here are a few things I've picked up over the years about female body language. She's probably choosing you and feeling you if:

You catch her eye more than once

She locks eyes with you for a little too long

You catch her licking her lips when she knows you're watching

You catch her staring at your lips when you're talking to her

The way she positions her body when you're standing near her:
Look for stuff like the way she leans towards you or away from you when you're talking to her. If she's leaning away from you or angles her legs away from you, she's probably NOT feeling you...

If she touches you on the arm or back when conversing with you

She's laughing often during your conversation

If she tells you something, like: 'You're so crazy!'

Not by any means an exhaustive list, these are just some of the subtle ways women display aggression towards men. This is their way of personally inviting you to step to them with some good conversation and positive energy, and to hopefully bring something good and different into their lives.

Personally, unless I'm simply blown away by a female's presence, I don't usually approach unless I've gotten some form of subtle invitation from her to do so--be it a glimpse, a stare, some positive conversation, her licking her lips, or the way she responds when I open up a conversation. Once she gives me the go-ahead sign I'm looking for, I take it from there.

Moreover, if she's feeling me, we end up exchanging contact info.

So brush up on those body language skills gents. The better you are at it, and the more observant you become, the more confidence you'll gain in your approach skills. –Mack Major

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