Metaphysics of the Game Part 3

Women really aren't that complicated. Either you are what they perceive as their best option, or you're not. It really is that simple.

So, all you got to do is work on being the best man you can possibly be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Once you max your potential on all of these fronts, you won't have to think about how to open; you'll be too busy laughing to yourself at how hard this chick is trying to close! :-D B-) 

Does this mean that you are stuck in a holding pattern until all of the boxes are checked off? Hell no! Potential being realized is just as potent as realized potential if you know how to portray it. It all boils down to how you feel about YOURSELF. Your un/subconscious vibe is what really does all of the work. The message I preach is so simple yet so powerful it boggles MY mind sometimes.

It is an infinite loop that perpetuates itself much like the theory of perpetual motion. The hardest part is getting it going. Once you do, it's like cold fusion; it replenishes itself. If you become somewhat self-absorbed and focus on yourself, as you accomplish what you set out to achieve, you’ll feel better about yourself, which in turn is reflected in your self-esteem. Your improved self-esteem will naturally attract women towards you, which in turn reinforces the mindset and actions you have adopted, which then gives you greater resolve to continue them. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It really is as addictive as it sounds!

The best part? The fact that you aren't wasting your time hunting down and chasing women. That you aren't following Hans and Zan's bullshit advice to incessantly compliment every woman that crosses your path until she finally has to get rude with you because you can't take a hint or catch a clue. You are spending your time doing what YOU want to do and bettering YOURSELF. Meanwhile, a plethora of women are spending THEIR time trying to figure out a way to approach YOU.

You will gain a powerful, quiet confidence that most women will find utterly irresistible. Soon, women will engage you with behaviors and situations you thought only happen in the movies. Have you ever been proposed to? Ever had a woman trying to convince you why you should date HER...EXCLUSIVELY? To get annoyed because you can see that a woman you really don't want to talk to is definitely going to speak to YOU? The stories I could tell you guys would make Mr. Marcus look desperate.

Application of the Theory of Perpetual Motion to YOURSELF!
Anyway, that's all for now. I got to get back to studying for these finals, so I can graduate from this program so that I can achieve even greater status in society and make even more money so that I can become "The Best Option" to a whole new caste level of women. Got to love it! :-) –The Kidd!!, Courtesy of Natural Freedom (May 5, 2010) (Post)

Many people go through life without challenging themselves and meeting, or exceeding their potential--hence why I said the man you CAN be. Understand that the person you ARE will still be present in the man you’ll ultimately BECOME. All I'm saying is, "if you build it, they will come." I better myself because I want to and am driven to do it...I also just so happened to notice a nice side effect of doing just that, Women become VERY aggressive. :-D 

So, it's a win/win. You better yourself and reap the benefits of getting your shit straight, and where you once might have been worried about women, they are now worried about YOU.

It's not about wanting/needing approval from women; it's about wanting/needing approval from YOURSELF. You know when you aren't living up to standards that you know you could be living up to. We are aware that we shouldn't eat crappy food and not work out because it makes us fat and unhealthy. We know that we should go to college because it will help us live a better, more comfortable life. We know that if we can get into a good career path, it significantly decreases the everyday stress of things to worry about. When we choose to ignore our conscience and eat those donuts we sacrifice our self-esteem in the process, and then we wonder why it is so hard to date women.

So, why NOT get your shit together? The bonus is that during that process you become someone that women want to date by default! –The Kidd!!, Courtesy of Natural Freedom (May 5, 2010) (Comment)

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