Black Folks Make White Supremacists Feel Inferior

White Supremacists suffer from an Inferiority complex. When I explain this, White Supremacist's tactics and the mindset will make perfect sense. I'm not talking about all White people, because you have White folks who could be around a lot of Black folks and feel like he is not an ounce inferior or superior.

Let's look at history through the eyes of White folks for example. Before the 1950s, maybe a little earlier or later, White folks were on top of the world, socially speaking. They dominated sports, music, and many other things. Then something happened, Black folks started being introduced to them in the media via TV. Now, they see Black people every day (well, a media-version of Black folks). At one time, there was nothing but White people in professional sports, then there were a sprinkle of Black folks, and now, you have all the superstars who are Black. All the endorsements go to majority Black Athletes. These endorsements aren't minor either. I'm talking major paper! Let's look at music. You had White folks back in the day being introduced to Black music for the first time. It was called "Nigger music", "Jungle Music", "The Devil's music", and etc. The more it was condemned, the more the White youth started gravitating towards it. You even had White folks going to Black neighborhoods to see the Black musicians play and hang around the Black folks in the neighborhood; this is called Slumming. It should be called "getting that Black game". I'll even take it a step further. Let's get down to the thing every man of every race watches, porn. Black men fucking the shit out of these women; Black women with big round juicy asses are the thing that people want to see. Even White men enjoy a White girl getting fucked the shit out of by a Black man. White women with asses is the popular genre by both Black men and White men (back in the day, White men use to look down on big asses, and called White girls with big round juicy asses "fat").

You may be thinking, "Well, there are a lot of White companies behind these Black folks." That's true, but as the years go there are more Black business-minded people and now they have the money to create more businesses. Their star power and money will keep their business stronger, longer. Michael Jordan had endorsements from Hanes, Gatorade, McDonald's, Nike, and pretty much was the face of the Chicago Bulls franchise. When he got older, he bought majority ownership in the Charlotte Hornet franchise, owns his own sneaker brand, and possibly more things we don't know about. Say what you say about Michael Jordan, but he is getting his piece of the pie in a big way. You may say, "Well, as far as music goes, there are a lot of White artists stealing our music." Okay, that is nothing new, but what is new is now the Black folks are getting them under their belt. We can say what we say about Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and more, but all of these people have one thing in common, they were making Black recording artists money. Iggy Azalea/T.I., Justin Bieber/Usher, Justin Timberlake/Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, Eminem/Dr. Dre, and Lady Gaga/Akon. Do you see where this is going?

So when a White Supremacist sees a Black person, they're thinking, Wow, we enslaved them, castrated them, burned them, slandered them in the media, and stole their ideas and creations, but they keep going. They attract our women, they dominate the sports arena, they're grabbing our White musicians and making money off of them, and the worst part is, they're gaining more power while we're losing power. You see there was a law that said that Black men couldn't even look in the direction of a White Woman for the most part, but now, Black men are just showing up to places and White women are fair game. This means if a White guy is talking to her, that Black man has a chance of going home with her. Black musicians at one point were looked at as lower class musicians, and had their music catalog stolen from them via a bad contract agreement. Black folks today own their music and have ownership in some of these White musicians’ music catalogs as well, so when a Black person get shot by a suspected White supremacist, you better believe it's all about race. –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (May 15, 2015)

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