High-paid Coons

Nowadays, a lot of celebrities are just high-paid coons. If you go back to the 1960s, a lot of Melanese media figures were not afraid of speaking out against the racial discrimination they were facing. Nowadays, the media figures are cowed, and the only time they speak out is to speak against Melanese people and how they are not being docile. I previously stated that there is a lot of money in cooning and these media figures further reinforce that. They come off as nonthreatening and very docile. However, these same media figures also alienate themselves from the Melanese community, and once they arrive at the top, White supremacists kick the chair from underneath their feet, causing them to fall right back down to the ground face first with no one to catch them. We have seen this over and over again from Jackie Robinson to Bill Cosby. Modern day high-paid coons should observe the trend so as not to become another pawn. When these high-paid coons are given the camera, the least they could do is not say anything; they will not be punished for not saying anything, but saying something detrimental will ultimately spell their demise.
By the way, check the link to see why Charles Barkley became a full-blown coon. There are usually skeletons within these coons’ closets that lead to them becoming this way. This is also why we need our own economy.

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