Melanoid People Living in America Aren’t Considered to be Americans

Whenever something happens within the Melanoid community, you’ll hear something like, “it’s the culture,” “the problem with Black people is this,” “criminology”, or “Black on Black crime.” However, whenever something within the dominant society happens, you’ll hear something like, “America has this,” “poverty in America,” “crime in America”, or “terrorism befalling America.” Putting two and two together, you can easily see the separation between Black and America. Our issues are specific to us while the dominant society’s issues are all-encompassing to everyone in America. What this clearly must mean is that Melanoid people residing within America are not considered to be Americans. This is why we receive a different brand of justice which is “just us”, so any Melanese people that feel a sense of loyalty to the United States can forget it because that flag does not encompass us.

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