New-Age-Slavery Part 2

Melanoid men right now are experiencing a job freeze throughout the country while Melanoid women are being relegated to bedwench and/or nigger spokesperson status. Right now, Melanoid men are being overlooked for “professional” jobs that they are qualified for and, by majority, being relegated to line-level positions. This is what years of being taught, “Go to school and get a good job” has left us with. This is why it is so imperative to attain assets and then hold onto them so you can pass down something tangible (a legacy) to your descendants. Since, Melanoid people, in large numbers, haven’t done this, we’ve left ourselves open to being relegated to prison labor (new-age-slavery). This is why Melanoid people have to subscribe to Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan. The fact that Melanoid people don’t have an economy leaves us susceptible to the treatment of other communities. This is why so many Black people are turning to cooning; they’re doing it as a means of survival. There is a lot of money to be made off of cooning; the trade-off is selling your dignity and self-respect.

Now, to further expand upon the whole process of job-freezing and funneling Melanoid men into the prison industrial complex we have to go further. Everyone has to make a living, and since only low-wage jobs are available for us, and we have to jump through hoops to start our own businesses, plus legitimate resources are scarce to us as well, it leaves only one option, crime. A lot of Melanoid people have taken to drug selling and hustling to survive since working a low-paying job would only amount to a crummy living anyway established from back-breaking labor. Also, Melanoid communities are more monitored than our Caucasian counterparts, so it’s only a matter of time before individuals are caught and funneled into the new-age-slavery pipeline.
The individual gets caught -> Gets a felony -> Now, definitely can’t find a decent paying job -> Plus scarce resources making it difficult to start a business -> Leads individual back to committing crimes -> Individual caught again -> Individual becomes a new-age-slave

(The New York Times published an article in the opinions area that further elucidates my post.)

(You can view more videos from that channel here.)

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