Preparation for a Massacre

In this article it talks about a Melanoid man, with a clean record, attempting to obtain a license to carry and conceal his firearm. I have seen other articles were store-owners refused to sell guns to Melanoid people. In the aforementioned article it also talks about how Caucasian individuals with less than stellar records have been allowed to receive concealed carry licenses. Furthermore, stores that have refused, within the past, to sell guns to Melanese people still sold guns to Caucasians. This should outline something to Melanoid people. The dominant society is preparing to massacre us without us even having a fighting chance. Black people have a bad tendency of not piecing together puzzles before they are finished; in other words, being reactive as opposed to being proactive.
Now, being that it should be pretty obvious that there is a bigger plan at work here, the obvious course of action for this individual and other individuals should be obvious as well.

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