Token Whites

A lot of people within this country today are token White. What I mean by token White is that if you were to go back 110 years ago or 200 years ago, a lot of people labeled as White wouldn’t be considered White. For example, Irishmen weren’t considered White when they began arriving around 1820. Due to this, they took to a life of crime similar to what you see in the film Gangs of New York. Slowly, over time America began to accept Irishmen as traditional Americans, allowing Irish people to soak up the benefits of White privilege. Next, came the Jewish people and the Italians. 110 years ago they weren’t considered to be White and were disenfranchised here and treated like 2nd class citizens, Melanoid people were treated like 3rd class citizens, and still are. Italians and Jews banded together and formed gangs and evolved into the Mafia. Eventually, these immigrants too were allowed to assimilate within
the dominant society. Now, the latest group of immigrants to be disenfranchised are the Spanish speaking people classified as Hispanic and Latino. The Latinos are being allowed to assimilate within dominant society though because, once again, the number for those considered to be White have dwindled. Whenever the number for those America considers to be White dwindle, America assimilates other groups within the White race making them token White. The contingency is that these token Whites must practice White supremacy and must do so to an extent even more heinous than accepted Whites do. Doing so overtime allows these token Whites to eventually fully integrate to being the latest group of accepted Whites; this usually happens though due to there being a newer group of potential token White candidates or in case of an emergency. 

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