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Thanks to the Mafia

Although the Mafia was only concerned with their own self-interests, a lot of Italians owe them, to a certain extent, a debt of gratitude. Yeah, I know that the Mafia did extort their own, however the Mafia also happened to be the people that put into place the Italian politicians, Italian judges, and Italian police chiefs. The one responsible for creating these changes happened to be the gangster, Frank Costello. In the late 30s, 40s, and mid-50s, Frank Costello was the boss of bosses and he decided that he wanted to restructure all of these avenues, so that the people would look like him. By him, and other Mafiosi, joining together to make these restructures, they paved the way for younger Italians to have a better way of living.
The reason that America had to withstand the birth of the American Mafia is largely due to the fact that the first-generation Italians and Jewish people were disenfranchised, just like Melanoid people currently are today. Due to America treating these immigr…

Conservatism within the Game

Contrary to popular belief, game practitioners are some of the most conservative people. Players and macks consistently have to practice self-restraint when dealing with women. This is necessary in order to create and control the dynamic that we desire. A player/mack cannot allow himself to become a tender-dick, guy that routinely goes inside of a woman’s pussy all of the time. Doing this too consecutively and routinely will cause you to be placed inside of her little trick bag. You’ll become no different than the other guys that she can use and manipulate with her pussy. This is why it is imperative to ration your dick. It is okay to have sex from time to time, but you must ensure not to do it too often. Use your dick like a reward tool. When she comes through with the rules, instructions, and guidelines that you outlined for her then it is okay to reward her which your dick; this does not mean from time to time you cannot have sex simply just to quench your sexual desires, you just …

Coaching Available

To all of my fans, if you’re having issues I’m willing to address up to 5 of your concerns for $20. I’m willing to address individual questions for $5 a piece. Finally, I’m willing to have $50 1 hour Skype sessions to address any number of concerns. Feel free to hit my email

Book Pushed Back

Due to the way my schedule has been, I’m delaying my book until further notice. It’s still being worked on, though. I’m nearing the end of writing it. However, there are other things that must be taken care of for my book to be complete. As it stands, it may be out by February of next year. Right now, I’m taking care of more pressing needs.

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Be on the lookout for my book!

Be on the lookout for my book that I’m working on. I should’ve it out by September of 2016. It’s going to be a fictional storytelling book involving game, corporate social politics, dating, and sex. (In case people are wondering, no it won’t be about me.)

Metaphysics of the Game Part 4

Profound Realization About Inner Game
To be in control of anything else, you first got to be in control of yourself. Most people have a lot of bullshit in their minds that run their lives. They believe they run their lives, but it's really the bullshit. The bullshit is just my name for the insecurities and fears that hold a Player back and salt his whole game. Most of the time a Player salts his own game without realizing it. Even when someone else is trying to salt a Players game, it's usually the Players reaction to the salting that ruins everything, not even the salting itself. The reaction itself that is harmful usually comes from the bullshit, and the bullshit isn't attractive, resourceful, or productive, and therefore is not in alignment with GAME. It's the difference between choosing a response and being made to react. Responses are something that a man does, women react. This is why uncontrolled anger, fear, jealousy, envy, and basically any uncontrolled and unc…

Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Limits

Alright, I happen to know an individual that works for a company that happens to be hiring people, so I decided to ask the individual to recommend me for hiring. The individual has worked with me before on group projects, so he knows how I handle myself. Now, due to the individual working directly with me and seeing firsthand how efficient I am, the individual wanted to recommend me for a higher position than I was asking him to recommend me for. Due to the fact that I am in graduate school, and school, in general, is designed to stretch your thinking capacity, I only wanted him to recommend me for a line-level position while I’m still in school. The individual consistently gave me excuses about forgetting, so I eventually stop asking because I knew that he was lying because no fully-functioning adult is that forgetful. Now, while at school, I was having a conversation with two other classmates while we were on break and the individual, we’ll say Mark, that never recommended me for th…

Modern-day Feminists Founders and their thoughts about Rape and Sex

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Dangote – Selling flour, sugar and salt, Now the richest in Africa

“If you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t be alive.”
Chairman and CEO, Dangote Group
Born: April 10, 1957, Kano, Nigeria
Education: Degree in business, Al-Azhar University, Cairo

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest person, built his fortune in two distinct phases, riding the changes that led to Nigeria’s becoming the continent’s largest economy. Expanding his empire from his native country to West Africa, and then across sub-Saharan Africa from Ethiopia to South Africa, Dangote showed that it was possible to create wealth in the region by means other than tapping the continent’s abundant natural resources.

Bloomberg estimates his fortune to be $24.5 billion.

Dangote comes from an old merchant family in Kano, in northern Nigeria, that made its first money exporting kola and ground nuts. He started with a small food-trading company in 1977 after completing his university studies. Bankrolled with a $3,000 loan from an uncle, the entrepreneur built a soft-commodities import and trading empire in W…

Disconnect Between Schools and Businesses

One of the biggest problems that college students and recent graduates from college have is finding a job; the reasoning for this problem is because college students, although they have education, do not have experience. However, a lot of “professional” jobs request that candidates have education plus experience; this is a conundrum for recent graduates. It is very difficult to work while going to school. School is designed to test your wherewithal and stretch your ability to think. Depending upon your job, it is either going to maximize your laboring potential or stretch your critical thinking potential--unless you find a job that goes just right for a college student (i.e. a job that does not require too much critical thinking and/or laboring). However, these types of jobs do not pay very well.
So, this brings about the breakdown in communication between businesses and universities. Schools somewhat adapt their teaching curriculum to the business marketplace by offering certification…

Age of Anti-socialism

Right now we are in an era where people would much rather converse with one another via texts as opposed to talking over the phone or meeting face to face; this anti-socialism started when Facebook became mainstream. Before this, it was nothing for people to greet one another and carry on normal conversations. Now, we are at an age where if you try to greet someone they may simply look at you like you’re crazy. Social media was created to be a platform to connect with one another around the world; it was not created to replace normal everyday communication, neither is texting. This gap in real life communication has caused breakdowns within our dating culture. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see women venting about guys not approaching them when they are out and about; however, these same women are the ones that when you approach them, will look at you like you are crazy. People need to begin abstaining from online conversing so that they can once again begin developing their real-lif…

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

The Official White Supremacy Month is over, so I’m back to my usual postings.

Fellas, Stop Worshiping Women!

I can’t put it any plainer or simpler than that.

Women want a man whom they can admire. They’re not looking for a guy to worship them. Oh, they might like it for a moment, all the attention and what not. However, eventually, she’ll get tired of the unearned attention and start seeking a man who can get her to earn his attention.

Worshiping females makes a goddess out of them, and a supplicant out of you. It puts her above you; which is out of sync with nature. Listen, women don’t want to be placed in a position above you. They don’t like to be made to feel that you absolutely got to have them. Do that early in a relationship, and you set yourself up to be played, used and abused by that woman.

So stop the vagina worship my friend. Man up, become a man of substance and true value in this world. It doesn’t start with your paycheck; it starts in your mind. When you make yourself a true man of substance, females will almost automatically be attracted to your presence. They’ll seek you out, b…