Age of Anti-socialism

Right now we are in an era where people would much rather converse with one another via texts as opposed to talking over the phone or meeting face to face; this anti-socialism started when Facebook became mainstream. Before this, it was nothing for people to greet one another and carry on normal conversations. Now, we are at an age where if you try to greet someone they may simply look at you like you’re crazy. Social media was created to be a platform to connect with one another around the world; it was not created to replace normal everyday communication, neither is texting. This gap in real life communication has caused breakdowns within our dating culture. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see women venting about guys not approaching them when they are out and about; however, these same women are the ones that when you approach them, will look at you like you are crazy. People need to begin abstaining from online conversing so that they can once again begin developing their real-life communication skills.
One last thing that I want to add, since I am a nerd, I am aware that the ability to read people’s mind is considered a superpower, well, since we have social media, and since people share all of their thoughts on social media, nowadays we can read people’s thoughts, and as we see, a lot of the thoughts that most people happen to have are not worth much.

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