Conservatism within the Game

Contrary to popular belief, game practitioners are some of the most conservative people. Players and macks consistently have to practice self-restraint when dealing with women. This is necessary in order to create and control the dynamic that we desire. A player/mack cannot allow himself to become a tender-dick, guy that routinely goes inside of a woman’s pussy all of the time. Doing this too consecutively and routinely will cause you to be placed inside of her little trick bag. You’ll become no different than the other guys that she can use and manipulate with her pussy. This is why it is imperative to ration your dick. It is okay to have sex from time to time, but you must ensure not to do it too often. Use your dick like a reward tool. When she comes through with the rules, instructions, and guidelines that you outlined for her then it is okay to reward her which your dick; this does not mean from time to time you cannot have sex simply just to quench your sexual desires, you just cannot routinely and consistently do this all of the time. Having sex with the same person too often causes the sexual desire to fade because the familiarity factor begins to set in. This is another reason why it is ideal to ration sex, to keep the sexual desire there.

Now, conservatism within the game goes far beyond just the realm of rationing sex; players and macks also ration their words. Contrary to popular beliefs, we do not say a lot; if anything, we focus on saying the right things at the right time. The fewer words we can use the better. We tend to blend in very well and somewhat camouflage within our areas. The only thing that does not change is our internal thorough aura; that remains consistently at play. We do not act or present ourselves in a way that demands attention, but rather we act and present ourselves in a way that commands attention. These are just other ways of how we display our conservatism.


To those that read the part regarding sex and had a difficult time moving beyond that part, no one said that becoming a player/mack was easy, but it is well worth the rewards.

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