Metaphysics of the Game Part 4

Profound Realization About Inner Game

To be in control of anything else, you first got to be in control of yourself. Most people have a lot of bullshit in their minds that run their lives. They believe they run their lives, but it's really the bullshit. The bullshit is just my name for the insecurities and fears that hold a Player back and salt his whole game. Most of the time a Player salts his own game without realizing it. Even when someone else is trying to salt a Players game, it's usually the Players reaction to the salting that ruins everything, not even the salting itself. The reaction itself that is harmful usually comes from the bullshit, and the bullshit isn't attractive, resourceful, or productive, and therefore is not in alignment with GAME. It's the difference between choosing a response and being made to react. Responses are something that a man does, women react. This is why uncontrolled anger, fear, jealousy, envy, and basically any uncontrolled and unchecked emotions, in general, are destructive to one’s game. You are not thinking straight and not acting from your own decisions. You are in effect separated from your power as a Man and as a Player when you are reacting. You are not in control of yourself because the bullshit is dragging you every which way.
Emotions are energies which are meant to be channeled and controlled. Emotion is ENERGY in MOTION. Your emotions are like POWER, but it can be used against you or by you. The emotions are THERE, but if you're not going to channel them and control them then they will just wreak havoc upon your life, and your GAME will be nonexistent. Emotions and thoughts if they are not controlled and channeled will FEED the bullshit within you.
Most people are slaves to their own fears and insecurities, and they don't even realize that these fears and insecurities are actually energy fields that they, themselves, are feeding with thoughts and attention. Therefore, if you can just STOP feeding your own bullshit, then you'll notice that you'll free up massive mental resources, and you can now focus on the present moment and what needs to be done.
I am a firm believer in that what makes a Player a Player is that he's in control of himself FIRST. From his point of view, things aren't just happening to him. He's not a victim of his own mind nor is he unknowingly feeding his inner bullshit. He pays attention to his own emotions and thoughts and he does what he knows is most beneficial with his raw energy. Nothing bothers him for long because he accepts his emotions and thoughts, and the fact that he accepts them gives him power over them, and therefore he can channel them and use them for his own benefit, rather than feeding his bullshit. He is in control of himself, and the relationship you have with yourself is a direct reflection of your relationship to the world and your environment. 
Nature hates a vacuum. If you're not going to use your energies then naturally they are going to use you. Anything you don't use gets used against you, and yes other people can, and do, use your own bullshit and energies against you. When you get played, it's really just your own bullshit being used against you. It's someone else manipulating the energies that you have a weak grasp on. Beliefs, insecurities, values, feelings, etc., all of that is energy. They harness energies that you're not in control of and they control them for you to control you. -Mister Buffalo, Courtesy of UPA (July 20, 2014) (Post)

Agree 100%. Meditating has helped me a lot with this. I feel as though all that bullshit is just blocking the
flow. You block the flow of things coming in and out of your life by clinging on to bullshit thoughts and emotions. You could've had some good money coming in, but you're worried about the next man's finances, so you're signing blank checks. You could've been had some nice females coming into your circle, but you're still bitter about your past females. You've been that confident Mack already, you're just holding on to doubt. You could've been thought of that million dollar idea etc. Free your mind and control your emotions. Once you let go of those fears and insecurities, new stuff will start flowing in. -Tical, Courtesy of UPA (July 20, 2014) (Comment)

I cosign this post; very heavy game here that I had only just realised today. Before even reading this post, as a young player, I am only just getting out of the habit of letting my emotions control my actions. Staying present is also linked to self-control as a man is never haunted by the here and now, only by the future and
his past (the base of insecurities and fear). 
How I stay present is breathing in and out through my nose whilst appreciating the pleasure of simply being in one’s own company, as each individual can only understand himself completely; others only tend to know very little about us (generally). By applying gratitude for life, patience, and staying present, we create a reality that is unclouded and pure; this will help us RESPOND rather than REACT as Mister Buffalo has already said. This state of being is often referred to as being "cool." I've learned how to apply remaining cool in order to stay focussed and make beneficial decisions. It only takes one victory to create a winner, so what I'm saying is; once this state of calmness is reached you will then be more confident in the decisions you make as they will be based on the now (and since you are already on a positive frequency for gaining control of the moment, the circumstances that you create will, of course, be good.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized" -Sun Tzu -LPH, Courtesy of UPA (July 28, 2014) (Comment)

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