Mack Standards

Having standards in the game is a revolving door to creating value within yourself. Most of the time when you hear the term STANDARDS within the game it’s with an outwardly emphasis. The standard requirements a jazzy bitch must meet in order to kick it with you or be on your team. What she must bring to the table. That's not what I want to chop up today because that Standard of thinking is weak and almost feminine in nature; that blame game women play, attaching issues to any other entity other than self. That weak, you go first mentality, the youth have, but I digress.

Today I want to elevate and chop up The Standard as a masculine mentality. Before we get into that, let's cover two quick things:

What is a standard etymology for masculine mentality, and what's the standard definition for STANDARD.

Masculine mentality is basically "I go first." Or "I own (for my Taurus brethren)" Players and Alpha's- "I go first. I eat first. Bitch you think of me FIRST." Urban Renaissance Men and Omegas- "I go first. I'll die first for my team/family."

Standard- a level of quality or attainment.

Now let's get into this thing we call game. Your standards should be your BRAND. Your standards should be a reflection of You. This is the revolving door.

Just off GP, if you claim this game and claim to be in possession of the game internally, you should think of yourself as a cut above the rest just off GP. You should walk into any room or situation and have that air of "Bitch I'm here." Not arrogantly, but humbly like "Bitch I'm here to give game or take game. My brain is on go and I'm ready to play whatever game is going on."

(Level 1)

Now, if you have been Laced, or learned to Tie your own shoes, you should be willing and able to set your own Standards.

(Level 2)

Remember we've already pass the cut, so we're on some next level shit completely. "With what I've got, what's the MOST I can do, not the minimum like the lames settle for." "This is what I hold myself and other persons up to." Don’t just think it, walk with that shit, and own that mentality. Once you've aspired and conquered your Standard Game, you can hold a Bitch to that standard and make her step UP to your level. In this process, value is created. "I value myself and what I've built so much that I refuse to drive a dirty car." “I work out Every day and refuse to compromise my routine for shit." "I will not eat for a week before I eat BS fast food" Your standards say "Bitch I'm serious", but you have to lead from the front and not compromise your own fucking standards.

(Level 3)

Maintenance and endurance. Anyone can get something. A Benz, A dime, A Million dollars! That's not shit. Getting it ain’t shit. There's no value in that, this is the same reason why Old money does not respect New money. The value is in Enduring and Maintaining what you've obtain. Maintaining and performing maintenance to what you have built and adding more to your empire, while continuing to maintain the previous like a well-oiled machine. –HighLife Phi (August 29, 2013)

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