Everybody wants it. Few will admit it. However, we all need it. I've been studying the nature of power lately. There are several ways to have access to it in this world, and by power, I mean the ability to influence many people's lives and enrich yourself in the process. Here's what I found:

- Network your way into the circles of power, where the movers and shakers are.

You have to be super ambitious to pull this off; Barack did it, so did Colin Powell, and Hillary Clinton. Definitely not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Think 'Olivia Pope' from the TV show Scandal.

- Become a power broker also known as a middle man.

These are your politicians, economic assassins, and international bankers. People that have worked their way into positions where they control lots of money, have access to the powerful, and have access to other assets needed by corporations, governments, and big business interests.

- Build your own platform.

This is what Oprah did as well as folks like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck. A lot of best-selling authors and newer movie directors like Tyler Perry have done this, as well as famous actors and musicians turned activists like George Clooney and Bono from U2.

- Create avenues of access to the masses.

This is what Kathy Hughes has done with her Radio One empire. Bob Johnson did it with B.E.T., and people like Rupert Murdoch, that owns Fox, the New York Post, and a slew of newspapers and TV stations around the world did this as well. It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. These people have the power to shape the minds of the masses and can even influence elections. That's some serious power!

This is also what people like Walt Disney, the Warner Brothers, and others have done via ownership of motion picture, music companies, and theaters. It was their ticket to power.

- Become a power broker between the White elite and the Black community, or the White elite and the Hispanic community.

This is where guys like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP get their wealth and influence from.

This is also why the news media is quick to place the cameras on the local Black minister whenever there's a potential for a race riot. Ministers are powerful tools for the elite to use in keeping the Black and Hispanic communities in check.

Reverend Hosea Williams, famed Atlanta civil rights leader and campaigner for the poor, once said: "For every Black leader, there is an assigned rich White businessman who lines the leader's pocket with financial perks and gifts to keep them quiet and in line. You name the Black leader; I can name the rich White guy who's bankrolling them!". Food for thought.

- Control an illegal industry locally, nationally, or globally.

These are your local drug lords that the cops and local politicians allow to exist because they keep a certain amount of order in the community.

These are the gangsters from back in the day like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Meyer Lansky that grew powerful and wealthy from controlling illegal alcohol nationwide during prohibition. These are your international drug selling gangsters like the Colombian and Mexican cartels, the Mafia, Jamaican drug posses, the Russian mob, and Asian organized crime syndicates. Make no mistake about it; they exist because the elite WANT them to exist.

Because of the amount of money illegal activity launders through legitimate banks, huge banking fees are generated into the billions making big time gangsters very valuable assets. They also come in handy when our government needs to off somebody but wants to keep their own hands clean.

- Circumvent the elite controlled power structure by creating a large organization separate and distinct from theirs.

This is what Marcus Garvey did with his Universal Negro Improvement Association organization back in the early 20th century. It became the largest mass movement of Black folks in the history of the world, without any White support.

Donations allowed him to build his own factories, purchase businesses, create his own shipping line, and purchase land in Africa to create a settlement as the start of a new united African continent, all from small donations. Basically, creating a model that showed Blacks worldwide they could operate separately from the White power elite.

Garvey made the White power structure so nervous that they assigned a young, ambitious agent to bring down his organization, which he did. That agent's name was J. Edgar Hoover, and destroying Garvey was his first big assignment working with the Bureau, certainly wasn't his last.

- Overthrow the powers that be by replacing them with new rulers and a new agenda, also known as a coup d’├ętat.

This is how most international revolutions happen, with the backing of the US and British governments of course.

So, there you have it. Power seems to exist when large or, dedicated small, groups of people combine their effort towards a common set of goals, whether those goals are moral or not. The lone wolf approach doesn't seem to get you very far in the power game.

Just something to think about, more 'Mack Musings' to take with you throughout the day. –Mack Major (August 13, 2013) (UPA)

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