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Coon Tactics

I always hate when I see Black people try to make excuses for racists. In this article, the woman details her experiences growing up, and talks about her children’s experiences mirroring her own. All have been labeled bad kids. However, rather than acknowledging that the teaching staff and faculty are racist, she says they don’t understand their own biases. Black folks need to respawn (come back to life because many are in a zombie state). None of the fools they say shit like her ever stop to ponder one thing. How is it that we’re able to treat everyone fairly while the dominant society isn’t? By the way, not to seem “radical,” the woman made certain to say Black people have the same biases. Anyway, if you pay attention to anything, you’ll notice members of the dominant society displaying normal responses to injustices—rather it is video games, books, etc. As long as we’re not the victims, the dominant society can see the injustices taking place. However, when we’re the victims, now t…

Great Migration, The (1915-1960)

The Great Migration was the mass movement of about five million southern blacks to the north and west between 1915 and 1960.  During the initial wave the majority of migrants moved to major northern cities such as Chicago,Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and New York, New York.  By World War II the migrants continued to move North but many of them headed west to Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

The first large movement of blacks occurred during World War I, when 454,000 black southerners moved north.  In the 1920s, another 800,000 blacks left the south, followed by 398,000 blacks in the 1930s.  Between 1940 and 1960 over 3,348,000 blacks left the south for northern and western cities.      

The economic motivations for migration were a combination of the desire to escape oppressive economic conditions in the south and the promise of greater prosperity in the north.  Since their Emancipation from slavery, so…

Enraptured by the Ism

Alright, I am going to share with you (plural form) a story involving a conversation I had with an elderly member at my church. This conversation occurred after church had let out for Sunday school.
Now, this conversation came about as I was heading home and was stopped by an elderly member that wanted to congratulate me for sharing my ideals during Sunday school. During Sunday school I was sharing ideas in regards to Justice versus Just-Us. Being that I am not politically correct, the ideas that I shared consisted of me simply dropping game. However, the elderly member wanted to thank me for sharing my ideas. This brought about my post and the Ism that I am about to get into.
I and the elderly gentleman were conversing about various things from buying up politicians, to some of my travels, today’s workforce, and self-empowering ourselves. Alright, I made certain to be particularly thorough because his granddaughter was standing beside us listening and I wanted to ensure that I was conc…

We All Come From a Woman, but We’re also all Created From A Man

My inspiration for making this post is the over-emphasis on the fact that every human being comes from a woman. Women use this fact in an attempt to subdue men into submitting to their will. Therefore, I’m making this post to be a rebuttal for men to use. Now, we all know that we came from a woman, so this is common knowledge. However, what also should be common knowledge is that we’re all created from a man. Now, let me explain. The sperm that we hold is the seed of life. Once our sperm enters a woman’s egg, it has the potential to create a male or female. The woman’s body nurtures our seed, but our sperm is the seed of life. Therefore, although we all come from a woman, we’re all created from a man. So, next time a woman tells you that you came from a woman—in her attempt to subdue you—acknowledge this fact. However, inform her that you were created by a man, though, and so was she. If she needs an explanation, then you can explain this post. If she still tries to argue, then you ca…

Most Black People Don’t Identify Themselves with “Black Lives Matter”

Recently, the suspected White supremacist’s created group “Black Lives Matter” has been accused of blowing up a police vehicle and leaving a note behind to claim that incident. Now, it has already been uncovered that “Black Lives Matter” was created by 3 feminists. Furthermore, people that have attached themselves to the group—such as Feminista Jones and Deray McKesson (Watch from 11:05-27:15)—have already been exposed as frauds and opportunists. Furthermore, in the past, when the “Black Lives Matter” activists were given a chance to voice concerns about real Black issues, they’ve squandered the opportunity by delving into emotions while neglecting to speak about more relevant matters such as economics. We’re seriously in need of reparations—along with other financial perks. Also, when “Black Lives Matter” does actually mention measures that it’d like taken, it speaks of rights for the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transsexual (LGBT) Movement. Even at the Geneva Convention, the “Black Lives…

Melanoid Outrage is Bigger Than Late Officer Montrell Jackson

If you’re not familiar with late Officer Montrell Jackson, then you can read about him and learn about his pleas for peace here. The below are my thoughts in regards to fallen officer Montrell Jackson. This country has declared war on us. Furthermore, these police departments have been infiltrated by White extremists. Moreover, this is documented by the FBI. However, rather than moving to disperse the White supremacists that have infiltrated law enforcements, our government has chosen to allow them to remain. Therefore, White supremacists are operating covertly as police officers while routinely killing Melanoid citizens residing in this country. Moreover, these race soldiers are doing so with diplomatic immunity — since they’re being protected by the government. Therefore, some Melanoid citizens have snapped and have begun retaliating against police departments that have infringed upon us for so long. Also, it’s no secret that Black officers — that have worked alongside these race sold…

Numbers Don’t Lie, but Statistics Lie All of the Time

You don’t have to be a professor to know that there’s clear racial bias as it pertains to us. White people may be shot more, but they are the majority. However, usually, when they get shot and killed, it’s because there was no other choice. We get shot and killed for being Black. Numbers don’t lie, but statistics lie all of the time. Furthermore, for the people that choose to ignore all of the videos of Black people getting killed for being Black, people should suspect you of aligning your ideology with White supremacy. A White supremacist tactic is ignoring blatant evidence that goes against their biases while only cosigning bias articles and skewed articles in line with their ideology.
As a matter of fact, I’m about to show you right now. Let’s say that there’re 10 Black people and 2 of them get killed by race soldiers. That leaves 8 alive. 20% of this Black populace was executed by race soldiers. Now, on the other hand, there are 90 White people. 9 of them are killed by police offic…

Game Vision: Looking Deeper Than the Surface

As you're embarking on your macking journey, there are a few things you would do well to always keep foremost in your mind. One is that things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. As macks and players, you have to develop the habit and the skill of looking beyond the appearance of things.

For example, you see a girl up in the club; she's dressed in something skin tight, hoochified, and extremely revealing. On the surface, the average guy will think she's easy pussy; after all, she's a walking advertisement for sex, but you're not supposed to think like the average guy. You're on a journey towards kingship and that takes a different way of seeing things. This is where those game eyes come in handy. Game eyes are like X-ray vision. They can see around corners, behind walls, and even into the hearts and minds of people. It’s a god-like power that enables you to see what others can't, and it gives you an instant advantage over the uninitiated.


Mack Standards 2.0

Due to the fact that the Marketing of the Media has a lot of brothers and sisters fucked up and feeling like underachievers, this is a gauge of a comfortable Standard for Macking, Dating, and Living.

You have to be an Emperor to have Bitches or be financially comfortable.

1) $55k to $75k is more than enough to Mack comfortably. A $200k mortgage is like, what, $1200 to $1600 with private mortgage insurance, and $1200 to $2000 will get you a descent spot to rent and if it doesn't, guess what? YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE THERE!!! Why? Because how much time do you really spend in the fucking house, what with working, clubbing, and etc.

2) 3 months of salary in the Bank. I don't care if you only make $1600 a month. Three months of salary in the bank will make you feel like a fucking Millionaire. Why? Because you're only use to doing $1600 a month worth of shit anyways, so to keep that feeling it would behoove you to MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS and stop looking at what's on others’ pl…