Coon Tactics

I always hate when I see Black people try to make excuses for racists. In this article, the woman details her experiences growing up, and talks about her children’s experiences mirroring her own. All have been labeled bad kids. However, rather than acknowledging that the teaching staff and faculty are racist, she says they don’t understand their own biases. Black folks need to respawn (come back to life because many are in a zombie state). None of the fools they say shit like her ever stop to ponder one thing. How is it that we’re able to treat everyone fairly while the dominant society isn’t? By the way, not to seem “radical,” the woman made certain to say Black people have the same biases. Anyway, if you pay attention to anything, you’ll notice members of the dominant society displaying normal responses to injustices—rather it is video games, books, etc. As long as we’re not the victims, the dominant society can see the injustices taking place. However, when we’re the victims, now they’re naïve. Naiveté doesn’t work like that. If you’re naïve, you’re naive all of the time—not just when it’s convenient. If your naiveté is always convenient, then you’re simply playing dumb. So, the faculty members are racist, and she is stupid and a traitor to herself, her children, and Black people in general. Racist-apologists are coons. By the way, coons--like her—always try to overcomplicate simple matters in order to draw the conversation out. It’s one of their tactics.

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