Mack Standards 2.0

Due to the fact that the Marketing of the Media has a lot of brothers and sisters fucked up and feeling like underachievers, this is a gauge of a comfortable Standard for Macking, Dating, and Living.

You have to be an Emperor to have Bitches or be financially comfortable.

1) $55k to $75k is more than enough to Mack comfortably. A $200k mortgage is like, what, $1200 to $1600 with private mortgage insurance, and $1200 to $2000 will get you a descent spot to rent and if it doesn't, guess what? YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE THERE!!! Why? Because how much time do you really spend in the fucking house, what with working, clubbing, and etc.

2) 3 months of salary in the Bank. I don't care if you only make $1600 a month. Three months of salary in the bank will make you feel like a fucking Millionaire. Why? Because you're only use to doing $1600 a month worth of shit anyways, so to keep that feeling it would behoove you to MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS and stop looking at what's on others’ plates. Stop watching Millionaires Blow Money and focus on getting your own.

2.) Nice clean Clothes! First off, Dry Cleaners are your friend and they will keep your shit fresh and looking fresh. Stop buying trendy shit, or at least do not fill your closet with trendy shit that will fade in value and leave you buying the same shit over and over again. Keep your closet fresh and simple. It's just like school!!!! When did you get new clothes for school? Christmas and Summer. If you want to step it up, a new pair of shoes every Season will keep you fresh. A new fit every month, or every other month, will keep you fresh and current enough if you use dry cleaners and take care of your shit. You can't logically keep up with celebs on Instagram because they get boxes of shit dropped off to them for free from brands to market!

4.) Expect for Bitches not to choose you. Why? Because the shit is Realistic. Do you like every Bitch? No. Well in the words of BossMack TopSoil, "Bitches are people too!"

5.) Expect not to stop liking Bitches that don't like you. This is basically being a grown man. Control your emotions nigga, not eliminate them, but control them!!! I like Lions. They’re fascinating. Can I own a fucking lion? Yes! Will that Lion fuck me up? More than likely! Not having that Lion does not make me any less of a man. That particular animal just, Logically, will not do what I want it to do. That fact does not take away value from other shit I like. I'm not settling for a Benz because I can't have a fucking Lion; I like both of them and they’re both completely different. That also does not stop me from liking the Fucking Lion.

6.) Have a plan or Know why you are in the situation you’re in. This sets you up to comfortably have a rebuttal, a logical one, because you have to logically expect for a bitch to test you. No matter how much these simple niggas look for this unicorn bitch, that doesn't exist. You won't find her; they all do it. If they don't, just expect that they do, and have shit ready anyway. I don't even care if you like it or not. The universe does not operate on your feelings nigga. Kill yourself or Mack Up.

7.) I purposely save this one for this number because 7 is a sacred number. Every Man/Mack should at least have this as a standard, if not his Top Standard. "I ain’t going to be a Bitch", said just like that! I don't care if you like the word “Bitch” or not. If there was ever a need for the creation of the term “Bitch” it would be to make that statement and Standard. Man, every woman in this club shot you down, but hey, I ain't going to be a Bitch about it!

With that said, don't be a Bitch! Keep this Mackish and Stop complaining! The motto for 2014 is "I Did That!" –HighLife Phi (December 30, 2013)

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