Melanoid Outrage is Bigger Than Late Officer Montrell Jackson

If you’re not familiar with late Officer Montrell Jackson, then you can read about him and learn about his pleas for peace here.
The below are my thoughts in regards to fallen officer Montrell Jackson.
This country has declared war on us. Furthermore, these police departments have been infiltrated by White extremists. Moreover, this is documented by the FBI. However, rather than moving to disperse the White supremacists that have infiltrated law enforcements, our government has chosen to allow them to remain. Therefore, White supremacists are operating covertly as police officers while routinely killing Melanoid citizens residing in this country. Moreover, these race soldiers are doing so with diplomatic immunity — since they’re being protected by the government. Therefore, some Melanoid citizens have snapped and have begun retaliating against police departments that have infringed upon us for so long. Also, it’s no secret that Black officers — that have worked alongside these race soldiers for years — have willingly sided with them. So, with Melanoid citizens more and more starting to retaliate against police departments that house these race soldiers, it’s expected that there will be casualties on both sides. So far, every Melanoid citizen has been a casualty. However, police departments are starting to encounter casualties as well. Rather it’s right or wrong, the reality is that when there is a war, people don’t stop to determine rather affiliates of the opposing faction are actively engaged in their demise or not. They simply associate affiliates to be enemies as well. Therefore, people sympathizing for this late officer may do well to withhold those sympathies unless they personally knew him because we don’t know if he was actively working against us or not.

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