Numbers Don’t Lie, but Statistics Lie All of the Time

You don’t have to be a professor to know that there’s clear racial bias as it pertains to us. White people may be shot more, but they are the majority. However, usually, when they get shot and killed, it’s because there was no other choice. We get shot and killed for being Black. Numbers don’t lie, but statistics lie all of the time. Furthermore, for the people that choose to ignore all of the videos of Black people getting killed for being Black, people should suspect you of aligning your ideology with White supremacy. A White supremacist tactic is ignoring blatant evidence that goes against their biases while only cosigning bias articles and skewed articles in line with their ideology.
As a matter of fact, I’m about to show you right now. Let’s say that there’re 10 Black people and 2 of them get killed by race soldiers. That leaves 8 alive. 20% of this Black populace was executed by race soldiers. Now, on the other hand, there are 90 White people. 9 of them are killed by police officers. That’s 10%. This leaves 81 alive. Now, the total number of people is 100. 11 were killed total. That’s 11% of the populace.
Now, my second paragraph listed raw numbers, statistics, and percentages just as Roland G. Fryer Jr.’s research did. However, I went deeper. As I stated, we get killed for being Black. White people, usually, get killed when there is no other alternative.
Now, going to the raw numbers, White people commit more crimes. (Please ignore the racist ramblings on this site and just pay attention to the key data. White supremacist suspects love to try to distort reality in order to make it fit into their delusional world.) They also commit more violent crimes. So, this is why their number is higher. Going further, though, National Bureau of Economic Research was funded by different organizations—one of which was John M. Olin Foundation. The John M. Olin Foundation also funded the Reagan administration—which as we know—flooded the Black community with crack. It also created the war on drugs—which was used to be the war on Black people.
Now that you have this information, you should understand how easy it is to skewer information. In my example, we were killed less, but at a higher rate. Also, when you take into account that White people have to leave officers with no other option—other than killing them—they’re killed more. By the way, in case you’re wondering why I referred to officers that kill White people as officers rather than race soldiers, it’s because we get killed for being Black. They get killed when there’s no other option—and they’ve already committed a crime prior which caused officers to be after them in the first place. Finally, in case you’re wondering why I referred to White people as the majority, it's because the system of White supremacy has determined them to be the majority and us (people classified as Black) the minority.

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