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Don’t be a 2nd Round Draft Pick In Play

Are you the 1st or 2nd Round Draft Pick?

Females make me laugh at the shit they pull that they are used to pulling on weak ass dudes.
Had an old flame send me a picture message but I didn't have her number anymore because I delete bitches numbers when we're not doing shit together anymore, or they aren't benefiting me any longer. So, I asked, "Who was it?" as a response.
I delete bitches numbers for another reason too; for them thinking I'm a backup nigga whenever their relationships end with the main nigga or other niggas.
I'm not anybody's backup dick or go-to-nigga. I'm the number 1 draft pick & if you hit me up like I'm a second-rate dude, I'm going to deflate your ego by asking who you are because I'm a saved number in your phone, but you are not in mine, & I forgot about you.
You know a bitch's pride is hurt when she doesn't even tell you who she is but will pretend she didn't mean to hit you up. That just makes i…

Here's a really cool and simple way to save money

This video came from Dr. Boyce Watkins’ channel and you can find more of his material at his site here and here. Also, feel free to visit Your Black World.

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Tag the Sponsor Exposes the Depravity of Modern Women

How girls whore themselves out via Instagram

Have you ever wondered how popular Instagram models can afford their lavish lifestyles? All of them post selfies in which they’re showing off expensive sports cars or vacationing in exotic locales, yet they all work low-paid jobs as bartenders or waitresses.

You probably figured some chump was paying for their Louis Vuitton purses and trips to Cabo, but you didn’t know the sheer depths these girls would sink to just for a few bucks.

The man behind the curtain has been revealed, and it’s not a pretty sight. Say hello to Tag the Sponsor, a blog that exposes Instagram models for the craven whores that they are:

“In 2015 we should stop gassing up these Instagram “Models” like they’re godsent. We are putting them on a pedestal for just showing ass. Too many #CaptainSaveAHoes defending them, like these bitches got some special skills to satisfy you… Instagram model means prostitute, they might as well start to put their rates under the pictures becau…

LGBT is now considered Minority Status

Notice something in this video. This video talks about homeless, minority children. However, while talking about homeless, minority children, the speaker mentioned children that identify themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transsexual (LBGT). Now, the speaker is only reading an article written by Civic Enterprise—a nonpartisan think-tank group. However, my attached article shows that this think-tank is funded by Republicans (right) and Democrats (left). Furthermore, it’s spearheaded by a Democrat. Therefore, it’s not nonpartisan (having no leaning to the left or right).
Now, we already know that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer (LBGTQ) community is liberally (Democratically) supported. They’re also conservatively (Republically) supported as well. They threw money to both sides—even if we don’t hear it often spoken of.
Now, the reason I made this post is because—by the article speaking about minorities while including LGBT members, means LGBT identity people are no…

Dating: The Double Standard of Men and Women

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The Ineffectiveness of how Current Black Secret Societies Conduct Themselves

Watch from 31:55 – 49:24.

Our Black Secret Societies are nothing more than overhyped social groups. The purpose of forming a group--like this--is to create a network centered on power. Now, amongst the Black community, Black Secret Societies are powerful. However, this equates to saying they are the most powerful amongst weaklings. To give an example of how powerless Black Secret Societies are, I will use the cartoon CatDog. There is an episode of CatDog in which Cat gets tired of being picked on by The Greasers. Therefore, he organizes the community’s weaklings—like himself--and creates his own gang. He names his crew The Geekers. The original purpose of The Geekers is to stand together and fight The Greasers. However, en route to The Geekers meeting The Greasers, they run into a small child that is afraid of them--due to their outfits. The experience of actually having someone afraid of them causes The Geekers to become just like The Greasers; they pick on those weaker than themselve…

Marilyn Mosby is 100% Corrupt

Start at the 21:52 mark. This is the article that Jason Black describes. Here's further proof. Finally, here's her biography.

You can view all of The Black Authority’s videos here. Also, you can purchase his movie 7amhere. Finally, be on the lookout for his new film, Gentrified.

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My Review of “If It Ain’t Broke”

Audio/Visual Pros
“If It Ain’t Broke” is the independently made documentary by Kennan Morgan and his friends. The videography for the documentary is wonderful. The voice acting in the animations is also terrifically done. It is also great that he managed to find so many people willing to be speakers for his documentary--especially given his likely limited budget. The acting was also nicely done.
Audio/Visual Cons
Now, as I stated, all of the aforementioned things are great. The problem is the way some of the things were inserted. For example, there is nothing wrong with having animations in a documentary of this sort; however, the issue is the animations were comedically done. Also, the acting was comedically done. However, this is a serious documentary. Therefore, both seem out of place and forced.

Speakers: Pros and Cons
Next, are the speakers. Some of the speakers were very thorough; Dr. Jemadari Kamara, Melissa Waddy, Marilyn Jackson, and the woman at the 1:06:00 mark are. Others were …

Has Manhood Gone Out of Style???

When did manhood go out of style?

When did being a man STOP being the 'in' thing? Can somebody please tell me?

Maybe I slept in that day or played hooky, or maybe it happened back when I was still getting high, and my mind was filled with cannabis smoke at the time.

I've never seen so many metro-sexual, moist looking dudes in all my days. When did rough hands, strong backs, broad shoulders, and facial hair give way to skinny jeans, ascots, Just For Me perms, and openly displaying one's butt and drawers for the whole world to see?

Maybe I'm just THAT out of touch with the streets. Somebody, please help me because when I was coming up, boys aspired to be MEN.

We had examples of manly men all around us; dudes who loved women, played sports, fixed bikes and cars, rough-housed and fought; sometimes with just fists and sometimes with baseball bats.

You know: MAN STUFF!

These dudes nowadays are so soft they can't take a teasing without resorting to thoughts of suicide, or wo…