The Ineffectiveness of how Current Black Secret Societies Conduct Themselves

 Watch from 31:55 – 49:24.

Our Black Secret Societies are nothing more than overhyped social groups. The purpose of forming a group--like this--is to create a network centered on power. Now, amongst the Black community, Black Secret Societies are powerful. However, this equates to saying they are the most powerful amongst weaklings. To give an example of how powerless Black Secret Societies are, I will use the cartoon CatDog. There is an episode of CatDog in which Cat gets tired of being picked on by The Greasers. Therefore, he organizes the community’s weaklings—like himself--and creates his own gang. He names his crew The Geekers. The original purpose of The Geekers is to stand together and fight The Greasers. However, en route to The Geekers meeting The Greasers, they run into a small child that is afraid of them--due to their outfits. The experience of actually having someone afraid of them causes The Geekers to become just like The Greasers; they pick on those weaker than themselves. It isn’t until Dog informs Cat of what he’s doing that The Geekers snap out of their power trip and get back to
their original mission. When they go and meet with The Greasers, they get pounded thoroughly. This snaps them out of their delusions of grandeur and brings them back to reality; they are still weak. 
This is how Black Secret Societies are. They have nice little jobs and get paid nicely. However, jobs do not equate to power. A job cannot be passed down. Members of these Black Secret Societies have generations invested in them. However, they have nothing tangible to show for themselves. They may build connections with other influential, elite people. However, these links are only used to find family members other high-paying jobs and/or receive high-paying tasks to complete. Furthermore, if one should happen to become too affluent, then the White supremacists--that gave them everything--simply take everything away—i.e. Bill Cosby. Now, to shirk all of this, they simply have to uplift the Black community with them. However, Black Secret Societies mostly consist of snooty house-niggers elated that their slave master allows them to eat his/her table scraps. When you are powerful, but alone, you are a sitting duck. As a matter of fact, you will never become powerful if you are alone. To become powerful requires you to have a hard exterior to protect your soft, but powerful, interior. These Black Secret Societies are right in that a small collective must oversee the goings-on of the group. However, to do so means that you must be intertwined with the group that you are overseeing. They isolate themselves. Therefore, the snootiness and exclusivity of these Black Secret Societies only serve as a fa├žade to what real secret societies look like.

(I uploaded the video from Tariq's YouTube channel. Also, you can pick up his pay per view special about Black Secret Societies here—if you’d like to hear more of his input on the matter.)

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