Handle Your Business First

As a man, one of the keys is that we ‘handle our business’ first and foremost. This starts with holding yourself accountable for your current state. We hear about accountability so much that it has almost become a sort of buzzword, seemingly without any real meaning, but it actually has a vast amount of power.  The premise behind accountability is that YOU have enough power over your actions that you are able to largely determine your lot in life. We, as individuals, may not be the ones who caused our current circumstance in life, but to take an accountable approach is to believe that you don’t have to remain in your present circumstances and can improve your lot in life by hard work and careful considerations. For example, you may not be where you desire to be financially. You can have two approaches. You can sit around and make excuses for yourself and never create any plan to improve yourself, and ultimately remain in your same position or be worse off, or you can accept that you aren’t in a great position, but make every effort to remove yourself from your current predicament. You can take this approach with anything in life. Will you accept the responsibility to change your circumstances, or will you merely complain and remain mired in mediocrity?

With that said, let’s get back to the title of this article, which is to ‘handle your business first.’ Have you ever met someone that never seemed to have money for the rent or some other life responsibility and was always asking to borrow money, but somehow they always have the latest fashion, newest kicks, always are in the club or with the most recent video games? That is someone that has the game backwards, and that doesn’t accept responsibility for his life. One of the biggest criterions for determining your status in life is by analyzing where you put your priorities. Do you handle business first or do you engage in pleasure first?

Pleasure-first people can only maintain their lifestyles for a short while before it all comes tumbling down. Nobody likes to be around someone that is always asking for money, but always seem to have his/her own funds for pleasurable indulgences. As a grown-up, you are expected to be responsible, period.

Those that handle their business first will often find themselves with more than enough time and resources to enjoy themselves with the added benefit of not worrying about having enough money to ‘handle business.’ You simply have to put business first as a man.

What does that mean realistically? It means that if your job situation isn’t right, you aren’t out here clubbing or playing video games all day. Instead, you are focused on improving your job skills, and you’re getting out on that job search. It means that if your finances aren’t right, you aren’t spending money on luxuries, but you’re focused on paying your debts off and in setting some money aside. It means that if your health isn’t right, you don’t make excuses. You get in the gym, and you start eating right. It also means that you don’t allow excuse-mongers around you who encourage you to remain in mediocrity.

Excuse mongers are those yes-men who happen to hover around and who agree with everything you do, even your poor decisions. It may seem like they are your allies, but, ultimately, they will lead to your downfall. Look at how many ‘stars’ eventually fell from the limelight because of the crew around them that never tried to discourage them from their self-destructive actions. Our actions have repercussions, and irresponsible actions cause negative repercussions. Positive actions cause positive repercussions. If you have people around you that are affirming you engaging in negative decisions in your life, where do you think you’ll end up? Sometimes you need that critical ear to tell you when you are messing up.

In closing, as men, we need to stop making excuses for our life and spend much more time looking for solutions to our problems. Who really wants to listen to, or follow, anyone who is constantly stuck in negative situations and never makes a move to get out? Anyhow, God bless. –KevM3 (December 8, 2014)

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