Modern Day Slaves

A lot of Black people have completely given up and have devolved into savages; others have become straight-up modern day slaves, cooning at levels over 9,000 (pun intended).

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The passivity that Black people are showing nowadays is akin to that of the 1940s and before. One of the leading candidates in leading this passivity is the church house. People are forgiving things they have no business forgiving. All of this is being
done in the name of being a good God-fearing person. Now, I haven’t read the Bible beyond what was required for my assignments in graduate school, but what I took from my readings were words of wisdom that equate to attaining dominion over this world. However, going beyond that, another reason for this faux sense of morality stems from Black people’s fear of going to Hell. This picture of Hell that a lot of Black
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people have painted is a picture involving fire, demons, and torture, however, what this basically boils down to is an unpleasant place that no one wants to go to. Now, being that Melanoid people are the most oppressed in the world, and are oppressed across the globe, we don’t have to worry about dying and going to Hell because we’re already there, so Black people may as well get over this faux sense of morality and begin empowering themselves and combatting this, very real, Hell that we face daily in a way that the dominant society better understands because looking Heaven in the afterlife while living in Hell in your mortal life is not the answer, although a lot of these modern day slaves will
give you a variation of that response for their answer if you ask them what would they like to obtain within this life.
By the way, in case anyone is wondering why I named this post Modern Day Slaves it’s because during slavery 1.0 slaves gave up living an enjoyable life during their mortal life and simply sought sanctuary within the next life.

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