The Black Man Represents Power and Authority

Your subconscious mind can tell a story about you that you didn't mean to tell. The lie people want you to believe is the Black man is in a childish state. He can't control his emotions, so he's somewhat feminine; he can't "get it together". Don't believe the bullshit; in reality, the Black man is considered an authority figure and a very powerful man. Before I continue, you must eliminate dusty dudes, sissies, and "I want a White daddy" type of dudes.

Growing up as a kid, you have been bombarded with images and sounds of Black men being very powerful and authoritative. Watching TV, kids of all races are bombarded with Black men as the superstars in sports, the coolest motherfucker in music, and the dude with the strong voice in movies and commercials. James Earl Jones played two powerful kings, King Jaffe Joffer in Coming to America and Mufasa in The Lion King. Another thing that people don't pick up on is the Image of God. Who is known for playing as God in a well-known movie, Morgan Freeman; the funny thing is Morgan Freeman played God in a movie where the majority of the cast was White.

Let's move on to the way people speak. When people describe certain races it sounds like this. For Hispanic men, people say, "It was a Mexican", even if the guy is Puerto Rican; when it's a White guy, they say, "It was a white boy/man/guy"; when referring to a Black man, people say, "It was a big, Black man/guy/dude. The "big" is the keyword. Some dudes are average height, average built, and they still get the "big" before their description. Black men are considered very intimidating, even when they're sleeping. Subconsciously, Black men are considered bigger and more intimidating among many races. It's not always accurate, but it's a mentality a lot of people have.

When it comes to the male anatomy, Black men are considered to have more than enough. Some men have fetishes of a Black man fucking the shit out of their White wives. I haven't heard any case, or heard of any porno, that has a Black man with a "fuck my wife" fetish. Then you have the opposite effect; you have men who will damn near beat their wives up if they even look at a Black man. In both cases, anatomy comes into play. The guy with the fetish just wants to see his wife get pounded, and the guy who doesn't want his wife even looking at a Black man fears she won't "go back". The Black man represents sexual dominance. There's even a category "BBC" (Big Black Cock).

In my opinion, I think racism is so powerful because a lot of races have a plan to overthrow Black male power and authority. The reason why it's so powerful is because some Black people actually agree with some of the nonsense said about us. I think Black history is the only history that offends people. Everyone is allowed to rejoice in their racial pride, but the minute a Black person says anything about connecting with Africa, he's on the Federal Bureau of Investigations Terrorist Watch. The reason why is because, subconsciously, people know that Black history is a history of power and authority. If Black men find out about it, we're going to make history repeat itself! –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (February 2, 2014)

You ain't ever wrong on this shit. I’ve been saying this for a minute. I've been blessed to go to a variety of places. If you take away any preexisting social stigmas, women naturally gravitate to black men. Women have evolved genetically over hundreds of thousands of years to be attracted to physical male power eons ago for protection. Women naturally want to feel secure, and before the modern age, it was to be protected physically against outsiders, be it the wife, daughter, or mother of the male. Today there is a vastly decreased need for that because we have cops, guns, and etc. and it’s changed partly to financial security; however, the instincts and genetic makeup remains. Non-white men see it immediately; they often feel threatened by us; heck, we are that way with each other. 

The white men saw that the minute they started importing slaves, and the basis of all laws or social codes they have regarding blacks, if you strip away everything, is down to fear of his woman preferring that black dick and also the genetic superiority of our genes, where anything mixed with us is black; it’s the basis of everything.

We also grossly underestimate about our intellectual capabilities. Given the same access to education, and that includes not just information but also emotional support, we excel and exceed. People talk about Asians both Far East and sub-continent Asia, Indians, Pakistanis, and Jews having so many academic achievements but I am a firm believer blacks would excel all. Go to any university and the African international students are top of the class or near top. Poor Indians aren't coming to America to go to Stanford; neither are poor Chinese or Koreans; they are rich, solidly upper middle class, or higher. These African cats are often in government scholarships, and while not dirt poor, are usually far lower financially than their classmates here; these cats are smart as hell. We see blacks in America doing the same. Dr. Ben Carson may be a coon, but if you look at his background, it was good but not special. He was an honors' student, but so are thousands of black students as well. He went on to become a world-renown neurosurgeon, and I guarantee you there are tons of Ben Carsons out there. The planets aligned for him. The right things happened at the right time. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is well-known, and if you look at his story, he wasn't particularly of an intellect that far exceeded anyone; he was smart but not especially so. He was just more driven than others; Ben Carson is the same. We lack the platform and the resources for more of them. We would KILL in the classroom over others. I'm sure of it, and you know what, they know it deep down. The Bell Curve is white supremacy bullshit. Marva Collins took kids who were rejected by the Chicago school system and all of the kids went onto college and graduated. 

If you really want to talk about genetic superiority and keep it real? It’s us. In his government report about black people called the Moynihan Report in the 1960s, the senator said that the remarkable thing was that blacks survived slavery and that any other people would have died out. The American Indians would have were it not for the Indian treaties. The Indians up and down South America are all mixed with Spanish and bred out of their original peoples. Blacks not only survived but increased which runs counter to all other people that Europeans came upon. 

If we can get this group code and group economics popping, it will literally change the world. J. Edgar Hoover said the greatest domestic threat to America was the organized Negro. If you strip away the rhetoric, he was really saying we would not be able to be controlled and would eventually excel over them. –Arsenal, Courtesy of UPA (July 9, 2015)

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