Undercover Agents at Work

I recall once when I was listening to Tariq’s Ustream where he had a caller, we’ll call her Tamara, called in about a faux-pro-Black coworker. At work, the woman, we’ll call her Jessica, would be loud and boisterous about inequality and White supremacy; this caused Tamara to eventually attempt to pull Jessica’s coattail and let her know that, although she agrees with what Jessica is saying, Jessica is risking jeopardizing her job by speaking the way she is speaking. The moment that Jessica heard this she immediately, behind Tamara’s back, went to their boss, we’ll call their boss Sara, to let Sara know about the conversation they had; Sara in turn pulled Tamara aside to inquire had she really said what she was informed of; Tamara decided to be honest and own up to it, since she really couldn’t lie about it anyway; Tamara did elaborate on why she had agreed with Jessica by citing indisputable facts that would align with Sara possibly being a closet-White supremacist, and Sara attempted to assure Tamara that she wasn’t. Now, Tamara’s question to Tariq was how can she identify an undercover agent at her job. This was a very good question because Jessica did not showcase the typical signs of a want-to-be-agent but instead acted like a radical; this led Tamara to believe that she could lace Jessica on appropriate corporate decorum to prevent Jessica from getting herself blacklisted at work. Due to Tamara’s unique situation I decided to create this code. From henceforth, any Melanoid person at your job over the age of 24 that acts like a radical will be shunned; any person over the age of 24 that does not have enough common sense to understand that this type of behavior will get him/her blacklisted is either an idiot, doesn’t care, or is secretly gathering Intel to report back on the Melanoid employees at the job. The reason why I give the leeway of up to 24 is because at that age, and younger, a person may simply be ignorant to corporate decorum.
For people wondering where did this code come from, it stems from the streets. In the streets, the loudest most rambunctious person is usually an undercover snitch; this is why people around this particular individual that happen to move more stealthily end up getting caught while this person remains free, so we Melanese people are simply applying the codes of the streets to the workplace.
By the way, in case you’re still wondering about Tamara, she told Tariq that due to Jessica’s betrayal, she is now under a microscopic lens at her job.

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