Stop Looking Through the Eyes of White Supremacists

White Supremacy is weak, lazy, and uncreative. Don't look through the eyes of White Supremacists against Black people. Let me briefly explain what I mean in my statement.

White Supremacy is weak.

In competition, you want to be the best by going up against the best. One thing White Supremacy is good for is pitting their best, with all their resources, against our weakest, with little-to-no resources. If White Supremacy was strong, it would stand toe-to-toe with our best. Do you know what it does when it goes against our best? It does one of two things:

(1) It runs and hides.

(2) It sabotages our best and blames it on us. This sabotage can be in the form of property damage, imprisonment, or death to the Black person or Black group. White Supremacy projects it's weaknesses onto Black folks and some black folks fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

White Supremacy is lazy.

When it comes to work, White Supremacists avoid it like the plague. They would rather lie, cheat, and steal than earn it. Look at the history we've had with White Supremacists. Our legacy became their legacy. Our religion has become their religion. Even our historical figures have become their historical figures, look at some of these movies they've "Whitened" up. Why would they have to create a movie where, historically speaking, the real people were Black, but the actors who play as these historical figures are White; because White Supremacy was too lazy to do these things, so they have to steal the efforts of others and call it their own.

White Supremacy is uncreative.

If you look at the music, you look at the art, and you look at some of these inventions, they've been stolen from Black folks. There's a difference between being inspired and stealing. Historically speaking, there were Black inventors who couldn't patent their inventions, due to the laws of that time, so they needed a White person to do it for them. When history was written, no one mentions that Black man working on the job that invented something to make it easier; they mention the man who stole the invention from him. Also, the same thing can be said about the historical figures in movies. They take our historical figures and "Whiten" them up, not turn a dark skinned person into a light-skinned person; I'm talking about taking a Black person and turning them into a White person. Do your research on some of these historical figures. You'll be shocked at how many were actually Black.

So, what does this tell you? You don't need to cosign White Supremacy to get acceptance. When you know your true value as a Black person, White Supremacy will cower in fear. If it sabotages you and you keep fighting, it will submit. How do I know? When you kick a bully's ass, that same bully loses power and tries to buddy up with you or leave you alone altogether.

For the record, White Supremacy kicks White people's ass too. The sad part is some are distracted by us and think being White makes them impervious to its effects. When it kicks them in the ass, who do you think White people run to? Here's a hint: It's Black folks. –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (July 20, 2015)

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