The Case for Reparations

Ever since Obama has been in office, reparations have been a hot issue. Furthermore, the issue is only heating up further with this presidential race. Moreover, our fiery requests for reparations are well substantiated. Our ancestors built America, after all. Furthermore, our ancestors’ slave labor keeps this country running. (The businesses derived from slavery are still around.) However, despite these known facts, our requests are brushed aside. Moreover, we’re given disingenuous responses such as “none of us were around during slavery” or “our country doesn’t have the money to repay that debt.” Now, my hyperlinked article dispels the argument about not being around because the money is still around. However, now it’s time to kill the argument about not being able to afford to give us reparations.
We all know that Obama’s presidency started off with dealing with the housing market crash. Moreover, this wasn’t the only financial crisis he had to deal with. Another major issue was the “Too Big to Fail Companies” failing. To this end, Obama’s answer to save incompetent business executives was to stimulate the economy by printing more money than we have gold reserves. His hope was this would increase expenditures and jumpstart the economy again. However, spending money backed by debt, to begin with, is foolish. This equates to pretending that everything is okay while the issue continues to manifest. Nonetheless, this was America’s answer to our economy taking a nosedive; make money out of thin air. Therefore, this country can do the same for us; make money out of thin air so that we can jumpstart our communities and be made whole. Nationally, we can all play this enormous game of pretend until something matures. So, don’t let White supremacists, pseudo-economists, fake intellectualists, or anyone else tell you differently.

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