Empower Yourselves Individually

Alright, since I’ve already discussed that we are in a new age of slavery, because we are already in Jim Crow 2.0, everyone, that doesn't have a business or isn't an entrepreneur, needs to have a side endeavor that they engage in to make money. Being that we are aware of the plans that this country, and on a global scale, other countries, have for us. It only makes sense to be proactive in ensuring our survival, along with steering our betterment. Group economics is a hot topic that gets discussed often, and we do need that, but we also need to empower ourselves individually too. Everyone that is dependent upon the dominant society for their financial well-being needs to have/create a side endeavor to make money just in case they happen to get fed up with dealing with the bullshit that goes on within these companies in terms of racism. At least having a side endeavor that you are engaged in allows you to have some money on the side in case you need to vacate your premises. Furthermore, if you build your own business it allows you to break the chains of codependency that you have on the dominant society. The side endeavor that you choose to engage in, can/should be something that you are very good at and passionate about, so building it to become a viable business will not feel like a chore.

To give everyone an example of what I mean, I will use myself. It is no secret that I have a blog, but the reasoning why I have a blog is probably unknown. Most people on here have a Facebook. Ever since Facebook became publicly traded, it has become far more restrictive in terms of allowing people to speak out about the systematic racism that we are currently dealing with. I know of two people in particular that happen to have either a Facebook page or account that have been repeatedly blocked from using their Facebook, Stop Simping and Kyle Reissland. The censoring of free speech immediately started after Facebook became publicly traded. Before this, these two pages, did occasionally get reported, but were not completely censored. This is why I created a blog off of Facebook, so that I could speak out without being censored. It also allows people to easily look at my past postings. (*Shameless plug here* Speaking of which, if you enjoy my postings, then please feel free to support my blog so that it will be viable for me to continue scouring the internet sharing useful information. *Shameless plug over*). Aside from this, the other reason why I created a blog is so that I can create a fan base for myself so that I will have potential customers to buy my book that I'm working on. Another reason why I chose creating a blog is because my background is logistics so I'm already well-versed in researching things. For my side endeavor, I chose a book because people have often told me that I have a very unique and interesting writing style.

These are just ideas for people that decide to create a side endeavor. Choose a skill/trade that you are passionate about, market it to people that it may be of interest to, and utilize the skills that you already have to assist you. -TheKing_65 (June 10, 2015)

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