Desperate Pleas for Attention

I have noticed highly visible tattoos and multiple body piercings have become the norm now in society. These body modifications used to be the standard norm for alternative culture amongst society. Noticing this self-destructive trend caused me to dig deeper so that I could better understand why people are willfully hindering their chances at growth in the world. Upon observing further, I began to notice a general theme and that is that the people that do these body modifications usually have nothing going for themselves in life, and now that they have branded themselves, they likely never will, unless it is in the alternative culture.
This brings to life the reason for this post. Everyone wants to be noticed, acknowledged, and feel like they amount to something of value. The aforementioned people have done nothing, and do nothing, to make people take an interest in them, so since they cannot elicit people’s attention through positive means they have turned to self-destructive things.
A great example of what I am talking about is Naruto in the series Naruto. As a kid, since he was a
jinchūriki, he was hated and people would not acknowledge him, so he turned to pulling pranks, despite knowing he would get in trouble. People that turn to branding themselves all over, that deliberately wear ridiculous looking hairdos, and they get piercings all over are the same.

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