Being Discerning Versus Being Untrusting

Today’s post stems from a trend that I have noticed amongst women that have made a lot of wrong decisions within their lives; these women develop a tendency to become very un-trusting, at least towards men anyway. Now, the purpose of these women becoming very un-trusting is so they will not be tricked or misled, however, unbeknownst to these women, what they fail to realize is by being so untrusting, they stunt their growth. It is okay to be discerning when interacting with people because this prevents a person from being tricked or misled. However, there is a difference between being discerning and being untrusting. Using discernment means looking at the complete picture of what a person is telling you or showing you in order to get a full vision of the individual’s character. Being un-trusting means simply refusing to believe a person despite what they have shown you or told you. Mistrust is a huge turnoff. Eventually, the person will begin to realize that regardless of what he/she says or does, you will never trust him/her, so the person will quit attempting to interact with you and/or will stop trying to gain your confidence; this stunts growth because we learn from one another. Women that developed this untrusting trait stunt their growth because people, more specifically men, quit attempting to teach these women since they are always doubting every word and every action the man says or does; this leaves these women by themselves to learn everything on their own, and as I have previously stated, women like this have a losing track record due to them repetitiously making bad decisions, so they are obviously not very good at learning things on their own. Another drawback, as well, to these women being so untrusting is that they cause themselves to become the target of far more lies and tricks with them being so untrusting towards everyone. People can sense when you do not trust them, and this oftentimes causes people to want to intentionally lash out at you since you have chosen not to believe them, despite their attempts at trying to win you over.

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