Play the Game Right and the Rewards Will Come

Greeting players, it's been a hot ass minute, but I'm back for the time being. As I look on the boards, I'm seeing a lot of good game being chopped by the thorough cats as it should be, but at the same time, I still see a lot of the same old same old, and I want to touch on that a bit.

With the space I'm in right now in life, I'm living proof of the progress that can be made when you FULLY take this game and apply it correctly, and not just half-assing it. I'm not where I want to be just yet or even close, but I'm a hell of a lot further along than I was before I started fucking with Tariq's Ustreams and podcasts, and then later joining UPA, reading the jewels being dropped and reading some of the books I saw recommended. That's for damn sure. Hearing Tariq talk so much about economic empowerment, then coming here and seeing cats build on that same topic, that finally lit the fire under my ass to get my own business started up. Moreover, it's been going EXCELLENT so far. Not only that, I'm working on putting together a little network of all the thorough Black businesses in my area on some Co-op type shit so we can all work together and help blow each other up because Black folks in my town have been catching a real bad rap for a minute now. Moreover, something needs to be done to combat that on a deep level.

I've also noticed that as I focus on my business more and more, these hoes have become less and less of a priority to me, and they see it too. Moreover, now some of them same ones that played me to the left before are starting to take notice. However, of course, now I don't notice them, and they can't stand it. LOL Soaking in this game has taught me the importance of having someone on the team who can add something of value to my program other than just sitting there looking pretty, and I've evolved to a point where I don't accept any less. Yeah, that means a lot of solo nights because it's real slim pickings around here as far as quality, but fuck it. Much better than being stuck fucking with a liability just so I can say I'm not "lonely." LOL I know how to qualify a broad now and how to keep my antennas up for the slick shit a broad might pull, so it's REAL tough for one to get shit past me now whereas I used to just believe any and everything a female said.

The point is, it's been almost a complete 180 from the way things used to be. This time last year, I was on some dusty shit both financially and with women. Living petty hustle to petty hustle, still in my feelings about being charged by a bitch with three kids by three different niggas (I know, I know) and being turned down by even the most basic of hoes. Now, though? The owner of a legit business with steady clientele that just keeps growing, providing a valuable service for people that has been well received and much appreciated. Instead of being charged and turned down by females, it's been me doing the turning down and charging. Hell, most of the time I don't even FEEL like fucking with a bitch anymore, I'd rather just chill to myself and do something business-related. I've managed to up my value and increase my stock out here in the field. Moreover, I can honestly say it most likely would have never been possible had I not taken the time to digest these Scrolls the way they needed to be digested and then taking those nutrients and applying them where they needed to be applied.

If I can do it, anyone can. However, you can't sit back and expect it to just happen. That's how dusty niggas think and then get mad or play the victim when the shit don't ever happen. You have to get your ass off of UPA every now and then and actually APPLY the shit, trial, and error. I went from logging in every day to not logging in for months, not even once. Why? Because I'd gotten to a point where I felt like I'd taken in more than enough information to make some changes, it was time to walk my dogs with the info I did have and see where they took me, and not come back until I had a proper progress report for the players so they could see their advice actually making a difference. I'll admit I still have some work to do in the female area when it comes to shit like approaching, but all that's an afterthought right now. It's about my purpose first and foremost and the more they see me focused on that, the less approaching I'll have to do anyway. Win/win. That's the one thing a lot of you aspiring players fail to realize, and that's why you keep having so much resistance in the Game. Long as them hoes stay on your mind, they're going to be able to pick up on it and manipulate it every chance they get. You'd be surprised how much cooperation you'll get once you start showing them the train going to keep moving with or without their ass. Respect again to all the bruhs here who've helped me upgrade my situation in life with your posts. I'd hate to think of where I'd be right now without you. *Salute* -Rinis Daddy, Courtesy of UPA (March 19, 2015)

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