The Power of Names

There is a lot of power within names. As a matter of fact, names actually have meanings behind them. My true first name actually means wisdom which is interesting because the thing I value most in this world is wisdom because through wisdom derives all things.
Now to address this post, I actually once had an experience where I was overpowered by the power I injected into a name. The name was Jazmine (I changed the name for this post). The reason I imparted it so much power within this name is because while I was in Colorado there was this woman that I was attracted to whose name was Jasmine (I changed the name for this post). I conversed with this Jasmine and could tell she was filling me, but I could not pull her because she was already within a relationship. The reason there was so much energy placed on her name is because we worked together, and when you work with someone that only creates even more sexual energy amongst you because you are within close proximity of one another for several hours a day.
Now, when I got to Tennessee there was a woman at my job that had the same name, although spell differently. She too was attractive; however, initially I was not attracted to her because her vibe was not right. Due to this, I gave her space and allowed her friends to lace her and get her mind right before I even indulged her existence. Eventually, she did get her mind right and I began to indulge her (hence conversing with her) since she had been vying for my attention for a while anyway. However, I would never use her name because there was too much desire I injected into her name due to her name being pronounced the same way as the previous Jasmine. She even told her friend once that I never use her name, so even she was aware that I never used her name.
Now, going back to my statement about being overpowered by her name, once while working at my last job we sat beside each other during training and the aura I picked up from her was so strong until it overwhelmed me. The aura reeked of the desire to have sex; however, being that we were at work, I knew I couldn’t try to fuck her, so I moved myself to a different area to listen to the trainer. My real reasoning in doing this was to lessen the aura that she was given off that I was unable to act upon due to the environment we were at.
We all give off auras rather we’re cognizant of it or not. This is why we are able to sense danger when we are in a dangerous situation, and/or why we become uneasy when we are in an ominous environment. This is our sixth sense picking up the aura of the environment that we are in.
Now, going back to the power of Jazmine’s name, the reason I was not able to say her name often is because I had already attached a certain amount of desire to that name, so when I was around her the desire stemmed from that name multiplied because I had already attached desire to that name previously that I was not able to act upon due to Jasmine’s relationship.
By the way, in case you’re wondering, with Jasmine I had no issues saying her name because I hadn’t attached any significant meaning to that name at that point in time.

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