The Myth of the Black Middle-Class

Africans in America are, in large, a nation of cowards. I say this because I've seen no other people as passive and docile in the face of White supremacy. Decades ago, there was no choice but to stand and fight because we had a common struggle. America made no qualms about us being second-class and lesser than. Therefore, we created our own communities, organizations, churches, and such--as we were not welcomed in these of the dominant society of America's communities. Fast forward past the Civil Rights Era, the fires of passion have been drenched by the waters of trinkets and so-called rights. Third eyes have been blinded by smokescreens, and outcries have been silenced by pacifiers. What are these things? Ask the average African American what success is and they'll tell you that a college degree, a good job, nice car, and house in the suburbs are success. These basic things had long been denied to us, and so we placed extra value on them. Due to this, in 2005, when the dam was blown, we didn’t bust into revolution.

You have the Too Busy Nigger: "I'm just going to work hard for me and mines and not care or challenge racism and White supremacy".

The Deflector Nigger: "What about Chicago? What about what we do to each other?" So, let's not challenge White supremacy and racism.

The Savior Nigger: "This man stated his opinion, and everyone makes mistakes, and his heart is good, so let's not judge."

The Christian Nigger: "Jesus says to turn the other cheek." So, I can hide behind the Bible to front for my cowardice.

The Professional Nigger: "The good White man allows me to work his good job, so I don't want to make any waves when he shows himself to be a peckerwood because I have a mortgage and car note."

The Willfully-blind Nigger: "It's not that serious. It's just entertainment. You're making too much of it. I don't want to see what's what."

Why is it that every time White supremacy raises its backhand, the buffer-zone, middle-class, and scared niggers find everything in the world to deflect to, and make excuses instead of rising and challenging? We say something about racism, and they say we don't speak about how Blacks do each other? We do speak out, and we hear crickets from that corner, then, as well. It's like the broken nigger almost gets angry that Black people are rising to challenge White supremacy. I believe deep down it’s jealousy of the courage they wish they had, so they attempt to project their own shortcomings onto the warrior-class--claiming that we would do nothing in the same situation. We feel like if we can go to any school, live in any neighborhood, and work any job, then we've made it. I liken it to grease while being ass-fucked; at least White supremacy isn't fucking us dry anymore. This grease was only one phase of the various movements. Our kids are still being struck dead in the streets by the enemies of Black people. The kids being killed by other Blacks are being dealt with by community soldiers, mentors, business owners, coaches, and clergy in the trenches that we seem to overlook. The perpetrators get prosecuted when caught. Also, we seem to forget that our ills are, in part, the end result from White supremacy dismantling things in the 60's.

People like Hoover, his Cointelpro, and big businesses have given us something to lose, and we cling to these slave-trinkets with our lives. We're comfortable with the pillow under our collective bellies, so we won't complain. We have analgesic on the wound around the knife that's still in our back. Ask yourselves, what motive do you have in defending Whites that prove to be Peckerwoods? Why do you really feel the need to speak out against brothers and sisters that challenge White supremacy? Take an in-depth look at yourselves and ask yourselves would these same people have your back. Have they ever? -Sundiata Barca Eseer Gault (April 29, 2014)

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