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If She is Interested, She will make Time

Alright, I’m going to share with you a few stories about the lengths that females will go to in order to see you when they are interested. Afterward, I’m going to tell you about the excuses that a woman will give you when they are merely wasting your time.
To begin, I want to share a few stories from a friend of mine involving some women that he has dealt with in his past and what lengths they went to because they were interested. Now, the first female that he dealt with was a manager in a retail outlet. She would call him every day and try to talk to him all day. She did this despite having three young children and being a manager. Alright, the second female that he dealt with was also a manager at some company that would message him throughout the day on Facebook, just to keep in touch with him; she also has a young child and a teenager at home. Next, is the third female that he dealt with that also is a manager at a company. This woman would call him on her work phone while at work …

Men Aren’t Shit Intro

So, I'm talking to my homie earlier, and he tells me about an argument that happened at his job. Apparently a brawd there wanted to have a gender discussion; fellas, whenever women wish to have gender discussions, just know that they are only interested in blaming men for everything wrong in their lives. Men leave them for being wack, and they can't get over it. They want them to stick around and so-called "work" on the relationship, but in reality they just want dudes to put up with them being wack & unwilling to change.
So, back to the brawd that wanted to have a gender discussion, she ended up getting roasted by the dusty nigga at my homie's job. Let me give you a brief rundown about the dusty nigga.
The nigga went on break, smoked weed, and came back into the building smelling like weed. If that doesn't show you that a nigga doesn't give a fuck about his job, I don't know what will. He also tried to fuck a female at his job, in the building, if …

Tariq's Advice: It’s Logical, but is it Practical?

One of the main reasons why most of us came to this site is because we either wanted to learn game required to pull chicks or become macks. While from a logical standpoint I can agree with Tariq's reasoning when it comes to game, I am wondering how practical his advice is?

For example: 

1. Not buying drinks for chicks in the club. I have not yet experienced or met a dude that can recall, after not buying a drink for a girl who asked, having her pop his collar and giving him play. She would just move on to the next dude she suspects is a trick.

2. Telling a chick what to do, instead of asking her. Long story short, the result is going to be an argument due to her getting an attitude.

3. Not taking chicks out on expensive dates. Simple, low-key, inexpensive--if these are the words that you would use to describe a first date--then be prepared to either not get a first date or a second (if she has enough control not to curse you out on the first date).

4. Not buying expensive gifts for gir…

Hey Time Magazine, Everyone Down Voted Anita. So How Did She Get Into The Top 100?

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Underestimating Your Value

What caused me to make this post is a minor argument I was involved in. The person mentioned what have I done and I ignored the person because I don’t explain myself to degenerates. However, for a brief moment I stopped and thought, “What have I done?”. This is when I recalled all of the projects that I’ve contributed to. When you’re donating to a cause it should be to assist in the completing of the project, not so you can gloat around others. I always keep a spirit of humbleness to the point of sometimes forgetting the things I’ve accomplished and the projects that I’ve help build, so I’m making this post for other individuals like myself that sometimes forget the projects that you’ve help build.

All of the Black Indie Gogo and Kickstarter campaigns you have
funded are contributing towards Black economics. Most people are not wealthy, so most people cannot go out tomorrow and start a business, but we all have spare change that we can afford to donate to a group cause that benefits us…

Importance of Follow-Through

I see many topics get discussed, but I think the importance of follow-through is often overlooked when it comes to spitting and life in general. I honestly believe there are two types of people in this world, those who get shit done and those who watch others get shit done. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do not have good follow-through. For example, hypothetically me and my homeboys chilling and one of them is always talking about an invention he wants to create and how he is going to do this, that, and the other; all he needs is $5000. He wins $3000 from a scratch-off ticket one day, and I tell him, hey let’s put our money together and get this thing started; just give me 2 months to get the other $2000. Two months later comes, and I have my split, I go to him and ask what’s up, and he says, "Aw man I was just talking I wasn’t that serious."

Same when it comes to broads and cooperation and dusty niggas trying to spit, it’s all the same.

I'll never forget a co…

Zoe Quinn's Book IS Being Made Into A Movie?!?! (Feat. Mundane Matt)

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Females Projecting their Insecurities

Now, an issue that a lot of women have is accepting accountability for their actions and their feelings, hence the reason why females will project their feelings of nervousness or awkwardness onto you if you induce a bit of nervousness and/or awkwardness within them. This is why it is ideal to take notice when a female attempts to project onto you. Now, the female in question is a very immature female, since she does not know how to properly articulate herself. However, take note of what she projects; also, check her for projecting onto you and make her own up to her projections. Don’t allow her to get away with this. We all have to grow up one day, and her day to grow up is now that she is interacting with you. If anything, view this as one form of training her to act in accordance with what you desire from a female that deals with you. Finally, let me add that it is good for a woman to feel a bit of nervousness when dealing with you; it is somewhat cute that your aura makes her feel…

Deep Inside the Mind of a Trick

Now, what inspired me to make this post is the various bloggers, like myself, and people in general, that like to talk about dating/social interactions/game. Now, I used to follow a blog, that I am not going to mention, that would occasionally speak of game, and why he deems it a complete waste of time and believes that paying for sex is simply easier and less of a headache. Now, what caught my attention about this particular blogger is the fact that occasionally this particular blogger likes to peruse various blogs that do talk about game/social interaction/dating. I could not help but notice that the blogger mentioned how he took notes of certain things that pickup artists use in order to attract women. The fact that this particular blogger took notes of what pickup artists do in order to attract women without having to pay them solidified what I already knew; no man is happy paying for sex. Some men accept it and deem it less of a headache than simply talking their way into a woman…