Deep Inside the Mind of a Trick

Now, what inspired me to make this post is the various bloggers, like myself, and people in general, that like to talk about dating/social interactions/game. Now, I used to follow a blog, that I am not going to mention, that would occasionally speak of game, and why he deems it a complete waste of time and believes that paying for sex is simply easier and less of a headache. Now, what caught my attention about this particular blogger is the fact that occasionally this particular blogger likes to peruse various blogs that do talk about game/social interaction/dating. I could not help but notice that the blogger mentioned how he took notes of certain things that pickup artists use in order to attract women. The fact that this particular blogger took notes of what pickup artists do in order to attract women without having to pay them solidified what I already knew; no man is happy paying for sex. Some men accept it and deem it less of a headache than simply talking their way into a woman’s pants, but no guy enjoys paying for sex.
Now, some guys believe paying for sex is less of a headache than simply talking a woman out of her pants. Given a variety of reasons--rather it is the current climate that we are in, or just that the guy is completely lame--this is what leads men to feel this way. Furthermore, some of these guys try to rationalize their tricking by saying that it saves more money in the long run. For guys like this, they are right. However, their notion that it saves time is wrong. Since they mess with escorts, that means they have to keep a tricking fund at their disposal, so they have to work more hours so that they can make more money so they can keep their tricking funds funded; guys that use game aren’t required to do this, thus freeing up time for them to further do what they enjoy doing, whatever that is. Also, a guy that uses his mouthpiece to come up saves more money--while dealing with women--than a trick any day of the week, so a player saves more money and time in the long-run and short-run than a trick.
However, the actual purpose of making this post is to touch upon the most important reason why guys choose to trick off their money…SEX. Now, when it comes to the realm of tricking, I am a complete novice—because I’ve never done that. However, I do recall once where I read somewhere of a guy’s case study on paying for sex. The guy decided to get an escort off of the internet and meet up with her in a hotel and pay her to have sex with her. The man stated that the escort was attractive enough to him; however, when he met her he could clearly tell that she wasn’t into him. The guy paid the escort and the escort felated him and then he paid her some more and the escort had sex with him. The man stated that the sex was mediocre. Afterwards, he left. When he got back to his place he stated that his entire experience was nothing to brag about, and the only thing he had to show for his experience was less money in his wallet. As a matter of fact, the guy literally stated that his experience felt as though he just finished masturbating while using another person in place of his hand.
Now, I am not a sexologist, but the biggest reason why sex feels so great is because of the connection built between the two parties; the connection can simply be physical, as long as there is some type of connection. Now, to have sex with a person simply as a means to an end, i.e. simply to bust a nut, I imagine it's like masturbating without even envisioning someone you would like to have sex with. I imagine for guys that have sex with escorts, their experiences are similar to the guy that did the case study unless they’re too far gone, to the point of actually believing the escort is interested in them beyond the money they’re paying.

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