Females Projecting their Insecurities

Now, an issue that a lot of women have is accepting accountability for their actions and their feelings, hence the reason why females will project their feelings of nervousness or awkwardness onto you if you induce a bit of nervousness and/or awkwardness within them. This is why it is ideal to take notice when a female attempts to project onto you. Now, the female in question is a very immature female, since she does not know how to properly articulate herself. However, take note of what she projects; also, check her for projecting onto you and make her own up to her projections. Don’t allow her to get away with this. We all have to grow up one day, and her day to grow up is now that she is interacting with you. If anything, view this as one form of training her to act in accordance with what you desire from a female that deals with you. Finally, let me add that it is good for a woman to feel a bit of nervousness when dealing with you; it is somewhat cute that your aura makes her feel a bit girlish. However, she must take ownership of her feelings rather than projecting them. All of this is a way of raising your value to the female since you elicit nervousness within her while also making her take accountability for her own emotions, rather than allowing her to project her feelings onto you as though they’re your feelings.

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