If She is Interested, She will make Time

Alright, I’m going to share with you a few stories about the lengths that females will go to in order to see you when they are interested. Afterward, I’m going to tell you about the excuses that a woman will give you when they are merely wasting your time.
To begin, I want to share a few stories from a friend of mine involving some women that he has dealt with in his past and what lengths they went to because they were interested. Now, the first female that he dealt with was a manager in a retail outlet. She would call him every day and try to talk to him all day. She did this despite having three young children and being a manager. Alright, the second female that he dealt with was also a manager at some company that would message him throughout the day on Facebook, just to keep in touch with him; she also has a young child and a teenager at home. Next, is the third female that he dealt with that also is a manager at a company. This woman would call him on her work phone while at work and talk to him while working. When she would get off of work, she would call him on her personal phone to continue talking to him.
Alright, what I just described were some light situations of the lengths that females will go to when they are interested. Now, I’m going to share a few stories of more extreme examples that women will go to when they are interested. Picking up from where I left off, this same guy once had a female fly from another state to his state just to see him; this same female is a CEO of a company. As a matter of fact, I have another friend that has a female that would take weekly drives from her state to his state to pick him up and bring him over to her place in her state, and would take him back before the weekend was over. I even once had a dime-piece that would work 15-hour shifts 6 to 7 days a week that—after getting off of work—would drive over to my place—which was a 30-minute drive, just to see me. I've also had a woman fly from her state to my state to come see me. I even once had a female that had gotten engaged—some time after our interactions—tell me that if I ever wanted to see her I could call her, and she would drop whatever she was doing on a moment’s notice and fly out from her state to my state, despite now being engaged; this female was one of my most down females.
Now—going back to my friend that I began sharing stories about—he once met a woman that was interested in him and that asked for his number simply to later attempt to waste his time. This woman was unemployed—which he would find out later—and lives in the same complex as him. However, this female would find every excuse possible to flake on him when she was supposed to hit him up or come and see him. Now, I said that to say this, if a female is interested, she will find a way to make time for you. Furthermore, women that are typically busy are more likely to follow-through, while females that have nothing but time on their hands are more likely to flake, and procrastinate.

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