Men Aren’t Shit Intro

So, I'm talking to my homie earlier, and he tells me about an argument that happened at his job. Apparently a brawd there wanted to have a gender discussion; fellas, whenever women wish to have gender discussions, just know that they are only interested in blaming men for everything wrong in their lives. Men leave them for being wack, and they can't get over it. They want them to stick around and so-called "work" on the relationship, but in reality they just want dudes to put up with them being wack & unwilling to change.
So, back to the brawd that wanted to have a gender discussion, she ended up getting roasted by the dusty nigga at my homie's job. Let me give you a brief rundown about the dusty nigga.
The nigga went on break, smoked weed, and came back into the building smelling like weed. If that doesn't show you that a nigga doesn't give a fuck about his job, I don't know what will. He also tried to fuck a female at his job, in the building, if you're still not convinced he's dusty. He also wanted to ask the supervisor if he could get high in the building; if that doesn't help my story, nothing will.
So, the dusty nigga wasn't having any of her "blame men for everything" talk, so he ended up roasting her. During the "discussion", she tried to use his personal life against him as a way to throw shade--he has a baby mother he isn’t with anymore, and his baby mother has another kid by another dude, after him, the dusty nigga was her first. The brawd that started the gender discussion was trying to throw shade, telling him he should get back with his baby mother, he shouldn't have left her, and more shit about what's wrong with men today; meanwhile, this bitch lied about being married so that she could make herself look good. She has 5 kids with multiple men. Eventually, another bitch tried to take her side but she ended up getting roasted too; this bitch also has a child.
Finally, another dude chimed in and took the dusty nigga's side, and both of them laid out that they learned to dog women out from observing women. You know how women always say they learned the game from men? Well, this was a situation where it was in reverse. The dusty nigga learned to dog bitches out from his sister, after watching her dog out dudes. The guy that took the side of the dusty nigga pointed out a point in his life where he was fucking with a brawd that did some disgusting shit that led to him finding out a dude might have fucked her earlier during the day before him. While he was fucking the brawd, she told him that the condom came off inside her. He pulled out and saw his condom still on, but another condom was protruding from her. This taught him how shady, and nasty bitches are, and from here, he learned to dog bitches out.
Both of them let the brawds know that females don't bring shit to the table, so they deserve to be dogged out. They even mentioned they wouldn't even fuck with a brawd if she wasn't breaking bread. 
My homie thought it was pathetic of the females to allow a dusty nigga to roast them, I had to point out to him that one of the bitches the dusty nigga roasted, lied about being married to make herself look good; the dusty nigga might be a loser, but he was honest with shawty with the 5 kids that lied; she was ashamed of her past. That makes her even more pathetic than him; she had the intentions of arguing just to win. Fellas, whenever women start these discussions, these discussions are the new "men aren’t shit" intros. They have no desire to change for the better; they only want to blame men for their life failures. –Stop Simping Movement (November 21, 2015)
I told you guys the brawd with 5 kids lied about being married, just to make herself look good. She had the intentions of conversing with the men at her job just to have a pity party; the new "men aren't shit" intro.
When my homie let me know that she wasn't married and that the dusty nigga didn't know she had 5 kids with multiple men that raised an important question you guys need to consider.
You guys need to wrap your heads around the concept that happily married women, or women in healthy relationships, don't have time to entertain gender discussions. They don't join up with bitter bitches wanting to have "men aren’t shit" discussions. So, you guys need to consider bitches that are married/in relationships that do this to either be in disastrous marriages/relationships or just lying altogether to make themselves look good.
I refuse to believe there are so many women out here that are good women and have done everything for their man, but it didn't work out for them; I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe all single women are just good women that gave aren’t-shit dudes a chance, and the men fucked up. It's too convenient to think that, than accept that bitches just aren’t about shit and dudes aren’t with bitches not bringing tangibles to the table. –Stop Simping Movement (November 22, 2015) 

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