Underestimating Your Value

What caused me to make this post is a minor argument I was involved in. The person mentioned what have I done and I ignored the person because I don’t explain myself to degenerates. However, for a brief moment I stopped and thought, “What have I done?”. This is when I recalled all of the projects that I’ve contributed to. When you’re donating to a cause it should be to assist in the completing of the project, not so you can gloat around others. I always keep a spirit of humbleness to the point of sometimes forgetting the things I’ve accomplished and the projects that I’ve help build, so I’m making this post for other individuals like myself that sometimes forget the projects that you’ve help build.
All of the Black Indie Gogo and Kickstarter campaigns you have
funded are contributing towards Black economics. Most people are not wealthy, so most people cannot go out tomorrow and start a business, but we all have spare change that we can afford to donate to a group cause that benefits us. We all must work from where we are at; $10 from someone that only has $10 is far more heartfelt than $20 from a millionaire. People from the dominant society do not try to do everything by themselves; they aggregate their money so that one project may have 1000 people donating $10 equating to $10,000 so that the project can get off of the ground and get to rolling, so if you are a person that within the last year has only donated $100 total to 10 projects, then don’t feel bad for only donating $10 to 10 projects because every little bit adds up; so commend yourselves for putting actions to your words in supporting Black Empowerment, and do not feel bad that you have not done more.

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