Putting Pressure On A Bitch: Stop the Games Women Play

So, jumping straight to it (and players feel free to add on). FUCK what anybody is saying; it’s all about...


Like Tariq said in his podcast--Money Stops The Bullshit--I’m building on just that. Question: you know that motherfucker that's been talking about what he or she is going to do and accomplish for years now and hasn't made the slightest progress. Well, how much could you trust that person? I mean granted they're "fuck-ups"; to what extinct can you leave them with responsibilities with major things (job, relationship, reputation, and etc.) are on the line and trust they won’t disappoint? Moreover, from this, let’s use a family member/longtime friend just as an example. 

I forgot exactly which podcast it was; I think it was like recession hustling or something like that; 1 of the old Mack Lessons Radio shows. However, Tariq said (and, of course, I'm paraphrasing) that 1 should use their messed up circumstances and disadvantages as motivation to get out and grind to see better days. So, if 1 can’t hold their own and do that, then can/will you trust them to keep you and your's down when you need them? Moreover, does it or does it not say something about the individual and their role in life? My uncle taught me that they’re 3 people in this world:

1. Those that make shit happen (Grade-A) 7-10
2. Those that watch shit happen (Grade-B/C) 3-6
3. Moreover, those that wondered what the fuck happened. (Grade-straight up F) 0-2

So, on that note, out of your roster of women, how many of them are you working with to build something? How many of them are you playing around with and wasting time? Moreover, how many of them are you dealing with and merely catching headaches after headaches? 

Right now I’m going to focus on the Grade B women. Remember it’s only a reminder to keep things in proper order and to discipline those that don’t respect it by making them 'shit or get off the pot'; simple and understandable. A man of means needs women of the same. However, for those girls that you have that are not and can’t seem to make up in any other department but yet may play little games and shit--especially if you have been talking for a while--make clear what you want and what she's going to do to help out. However, remember it has to be something that’s GOING to put her in a tight position--nothing wild or extreme or TOO out of reach but a little out of reach to where it can be caught with a little thrust of determination and the reverberation of LOSING YOU. 

I was messing with this girl--little thin jawn, average as fuck-- :-D with a stank attitude; she did things right in front of me and would sit there with a straight face (no need to go into details) and lie like okay, but sell the dream of "I care about you, I would do anything for you, I would do nothing to hurt or disrespect you" and at that she's turned tricks here and there but nothing on the regular. So, look, I had her over the house, again she gave PLENTY of attitude, saying all types of shit, doing all sorts of crap. Ok. The bitch left right? I told myself, leave it alone, don’t accept no calls or anything for at least a week maybe 2, and when you think the time is right after that, talk to her, and come at her ass HARD--especially if she isn’t talking about anything beneficial because oh yeah, she was broke too. :-D 
So look, she called me; I’m quiet, not really saying anything--really bracing myself for letting this bitch have it any second, so she began getting into 1 of her bullshit deep conversations about how she loves me, this and that right, so I said, "Do you love me like you actually claim you do"? "Like no, for real. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Would you do anything for me?". Of course, she said “yeah.” Now, remember she's scraping for bus fare to get to my house, so I said (in my player mode like crazy), "well, let’s see you come up with $100 or better by the weekend, then come see me. I don’t give a fuck about how you get it; just get it. No excuses allowed. We're going to really see what time it is. If I don’t get a call on Saturday, then I'll see how you really feel and I’ll have my answer. You have x amount of days; don’t call me until Saturday WITH MY MONEY IN HAND. Whatever you have planned, you better cancel that shit. Do you love me? Well, you get my money, and we'll see what’s up *CLICK*.”

Now, reply and ask me if I didn’t get that cash.

See, you ever peep how a dog acts when the vacuum is on? It be going crazy and shit, barking; many times it runs. That’s what that pressure is like to a chick that isn’t about any progress or change while dealing with you. A lot of it depends on what’s going on in the situation and how you're going about it, of course, but from my experiences they start off bitching, screaming, and/or CRYING. :-D Through all of that barking, if they aren’t built for it then they're going to run. So, again put that pressure on her, but nothing too wild, just something to make her work a little bit. (Now, this is just me.) If she comes through, from that point on you have to switch the entire program; no more of whatever little, lame, smiley face texting or whatever cuddly shit you were doing before. It’s real; you have to start hitting her with more tasks to do; start off small. |8-) However--not to get deeper into that alone--when she does cooperate, you will have to start keeping a very close eye on her. Just because she cooperates--or a chick period cooperates--doesn’t mean you can trust her. In some cases, like this, it just forces her to have to play the game on another level, just saying. |8-) Stay on your P's and Q's at ALL times!

However, yeah like I said, I can get deeper into this system of mine--and it could clarify the grade and scores above that describe certain females a lot more--however, her score ranks up according to her. Also, keep in mind this is also based on TIME + EXPERIENCES with her under whatever it is you're expecting her to do. Moreover, remember ‘SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT’; if you are pussying around, you're GOING to fail. I go by this to track just how far along she's came because MY goal with her is to upgrade her to a Grade A chick--that means new changes and breaking old basic bitch habits. So...

-Motivation and Triumph

She may not be already with it at 1st--and maybe even a little rough around the edges--but that’s okay; she's being introduced to a new light; she needs time to come around to the program, so you're just giving her the necessary basics. Now, give her time but remember, STAY ON HER ASS--not like a drill sergeant all up in her ear, but keep her on her toes, so she realizes and doesn’t forget Bitch this is REAL. After a while, you'll notice the differences. 1st sign of her Improvement is she stayed down with it. After a while, it starts to become natural, and she'll go with the flow.

-Cooperation (Anonymous' Definition, of course)

Yes Daddy, On Command. What I said and how I told her on command; training her. Improvement Phase = 2, after this she's practically got it. This is when she's really learning what’s going down because she's taking/been taking notes.

-Determination and Excellence

When you don’t even have to tell her certain things, she comes out and already gets with the program doing what she is supposed--BUT when she goes beyond that and does even more to make the program sweeter without you even planting seeds in her head--she knows exactly what time it is and doesn’t need to be told. Taking the initiative at her own will, she just knows; 3rd sign of Improvement: showing she's ready. Start injecting your IZM on a higher level and giving her a few tests of responsibility just to see what she does and if she's ready for the big shit. She'll be up a grade, and will practically be another chick from whence you started, all from moving under your law and getting with the mission--being a real asset to helping you complete your goals with or without you around.

You be easy man. Remember, FUCK WHATEVER THESE BITCHES SAY TO YOU; It’s ALL lies. ACTIONS my nigga, ACTIONS. The only choice you give a bitch is my way or the highway, your way or the doorway. –Anonmyous

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