Tired of being scared to approach women!

What's up, players. I know just by reading the title of my post, many guys are already thinking, "man you need to step your game up." Ok, so I'm in my late twenties, and I have never been able to consistently talk to dimes, never had the confidence to do so. Now, I have reached a point where I'm tired of settling for females that are in need of an upgrade. I want to get the girl that I actually want. Am I hopeless or deep down could there be an inner mack inside of me? I have almost all of Tariq's books, and I listen to the podcasts, but it is just hard for me to apply the game that I have received from listening to Tariq. I think I am just used to taking L's, so that makes it hard for me to gain any momentum. –Young Hustle, Courtesy of UPA (December 4, 2015) (Post)

Understand the principle of supply and demand. 

To get with women, you have to understand what they demand from men--not what they say they want, but what men possess that causes them to act in such a way--i.e. have sex, submit, cook for a brother, etc. Many times this goes back to fundamentals. If you listen or read many books about pimps, you'll always find they have different approaches and advice as to how you can improve your game (same thing on UPA), but one thing they always agree on but is rarely said is this: 

Men chase women for pussy, women chase men for their manhood. 

See, to put it simply, a woman is always looking for a guy that is like a tiger: he's wild, untamed, aggressive, rare, etc. (Why do you think women love tiger-print designs so much?) They want a guy who is the shit, and they want to domesticate him--hoes and/or dimes, it doesn't matter the difference is how they approach it; if they win everything and the man caves and everything goes to shit, but if the guy resists and checks her, the game continues. 

So, if you're scared of approaching women--more times than not--it's because you're not supplying what they are in demand for. This is why you have to have the mentality of a salesman. His mindset is always about getting the sale--regardless of how he feels--and his success in business is based on his ability to get the customer to buy, and he builds his approach around that. You have to have the same mindset, and not only that, you have to pay attention to what causes your failures; you have to keep your eyes on your goal of what you want from any woman you deal with, and not waver till you get what you want. 

Like most things in life, the more wins and successes you get, the more confidence you'll have and the less work you'll have to do to get the same results. –Wizdom, Courtesy of UPA (December 5, 2015) (Comment)

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