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Life's Cruel Little Joke.

Life is a motherfucker. Moreover, also the ultimate revenge in some cases. While in high school and college, guys will pursue the hottest chicks on campus. Usually, these are the well-endowed or overdeveloped hotties. At this point, it can be argued that women have the power. Attractive women in their late teens and early 20's have this uncanny ability to get guys to buy them things--and sometimes even get them to pay their bills--simply because men find them attractive. Young guys will get discouraged and sometimes have a jaded view of women--but guys you have to understand--life will play a cruel joke on these women, years down the road.
As with meat, dairy products, and other perishable goods women have a limited "shelf life." Hell, they even have a "best when used date." Women are at their prime between the ages of 18-35. It's this 17-year stretch that women can use their looks to their advantage. However, the tide slowly starts to turn when she hits 25.…

The Misconceptions and Backwards Morals Belonging to Most Females

Last night was an interesting evening.
A brawd I had charged to the game came by my spot dry-begging for weed-money.
Now--as soon as we began conversing--she asked me for weed-money. I told her I didn't have it because my money stays in the bank. I told her I can teach her how to make some cash if she were to get down with me; I'd give her advice for a fee.
It’s funny that this brawd had no issues begging me for money--but when I told her I knew how she could make paper--she didn't want anything to do with it. Suddenly, she had morals, saying she'd just get a job.
A little bit about shawty:
She's short, has a decent shape, her biscuits were fluffy, and she has the complexion I prefer black women to have—she’s milk-chocolate.
When I realized that she didn't want to make money, she automatically went into jump-off status. She looked uncomfortable as we were talking, so I told her that if she didn't want to be here, I wasn't going to make her do anything she did…

If She Isn't Choosing…

Then she’s losing. Adopt this philosophy and watch life change in front of your eyes. –Don Da Dapper, Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

It could be that she's in a space where she doesn't want a relationship or she could just get that maybe you aren't going to commit to her? –Lena B., Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

Does it matter? Sisters complain about street harassment, etc., and players come at you smooth, no overt pressure and move on if she says “no”. "No" means “no” to us. That should be celebrated. 
Anyway, it doesn't matter. She said “no”. Are you saying pursue it? Which goes against this street harassment thing (even though I don't subscribe to street corner macking) but extending it to the bar, a restaurant, etc. 
It’s a simple thing. She says no, you move on. Women should love this way IF what some are saying is what they actually believe. -Arsenal, Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

Um, no. I’m not saying pursue it if she says “no”. I'm gi…

The Importance of Having Balance Within the Game

Although I harp on tricks, squares, and lames—all of them are necessary to bring balance to the game. 
Now, to give credence to my argument, I’m going to share with you a little of my experience in Japan. Now, while I was in Japan, there was an overabundance of playboys, players, and macks within the area. Now, this may sound like a good thing—and to a certain degree it was—but eventually the women grew tired of us dealing with them--while we were there--before we processed out to another base, due to us not marrying them. There simply wasn’t enough squares to settle down and get married; this caused a lot of the women to shy away from many of the Black playboys--inhabiting the area—for the White squares. Women’s ultimate goal is to find a guy to settle down with--and with the overabundance of playboys, players and macks--they merely saw that goal being a pipe dream. (Now, this was only a problem for the playboys—we players and macks weren’t bothered by this.) 

Next, is my story about b…

Females Have No Excuse to be Broke

(This post is relevant as long as a woman hasn’t had any unforeseen catastrophes.)

Now, I know this some of you females and misguided males may think I sound misogynistic, but I’m going to explain my title. When you think about all of the added perks that women get just for being females, women have no excuse to be broke. If a woman has a child with a man and they decide to split, the court system will award her the child and will sentence the man to pay child support, and if he cannot afford to pay his child support then he will be condemned to jail--only to get out and to continue to be forced to pay child support—although now it will be harder for him to make his payments. Furthermore, child support is often granted as a covert lifestyle support fee—due to the amount guys often get assessed.
Next, if a woman gets married and the couple decides to split, then that woman will receive alimony, so she will be paid for her time spent in a marriage. Furthermore, we have some states that en…