The Importance of Having Balance Within the Game

Although I harp on tricks, squares, and lames—all of them are necessary to bring balance to the game. 
Now, to give credence to my argument, I’m going to share with you a little of my experience in Japan. Now, while I was in Japan, there was an overabundance of playboys, players, and macks within the area. Now, this may sound like a good thing—and to a certain degree it was—but eventually the women grew tired of us dealing with them--while we were there--before we processed out to another base, due to us not marrying them. There simply wasn’t enough squares to settle down and get married; this caused a lot of the women to shy away from many of the Black playboys--inhabiting the area—for the White squares. Women’s ultimate goal is to find a guy to settle down with--and with the overabundance of playboys, players and macks--they merely saw that goal being a pipe dream. (Now, this was only a problem for the playboys—we players and macks weren’t bothered by this.) 

Next, is my story about being in a place with an overabundance of tricks. While I was in Virginia, it suffered from an infestation of tricks. So, many guys tricked off their money in Virginia until women began to look at all men as tricks. Also--aside from tricks--Virginia had a widespread thirst problem. The tricking and thirst bucket problem were so extreme, until, if you weren’t either, then women simply thought you were gay. (To a certain degree many women still think like this, but Virginia was rampant.) It didn’t matter how you presented yourself, the women there simply shut their minds off to the fact that a guy could have enough self-respect that he wouldn’t stoop to that level. In this situation, there weren’t enough squares to offset the notion that all Black men are tricks and/or thirst buckets.

There are three types of people:
Abnormal – Thoroughbred (I.e. Mack/Player)
Normal – Square (I.e. Average Cat)
Subnormal – Lame (I.e. Trick/Simp)

The abnormal serve as society’s hallmarks. The normal serve as society’s conventionalists. The subnormal serve as society’s pariahs.

Now, in order to have an effective social culture we need an abundance of squares with a few thoroughbreds and lames sprinkled throughout. The lames are the losers; they’re inevitable. However, double as a means of giving a square a chance to shine. When a female gets tired of being a loser—by dealing with a loser—she steps her game up and gets herself a square. Notice I said gets with a “square”; her makeup isn’t sculpted enough yet to complement a thoroughbred, so she gets with a square to receive his upgrade. If she decides to dip--or meets a thoroughbred and subconsciously chooses up--then this is when the thoroughbred steps in. We come last, because once a woman gets with a thoroughbred, it’s hard for her to go back to dealing with a square; see how this balances out again.
So, for everyone that believes the game is for everyone, you’re wrong; the game is for those they really internalize it into their moral fiber and consistently apply its codes and ethics, which is far and few in-between. Furthermore, too many game practitioners would throw off society’s equilibrium, and as I have explained, we need balance.


I want to salute all of the squares and lames out here; you make all of the thoroughbreds shine a little

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