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Alright, I've been on the Metagame for a minute and also on the X-Men trip here lately. However, in the middle of watching this new X-Men movie on FX, and deciphering game, I was hit with some cold, hard pimp game. The scene where Professor X and Magneto walking into the house to get Gene to choose up. Let’s stop right here and break down the game in this simple part of the scene. Now for one, both of these motherfuckers are rivals, but both recognize game and the rules of the game--as well as respect each other’s power and position in the game. Now back to the set. They walk in side by side and approach the bitch. Professor X starts examining the Bitch and fucking with her head with that smooth-player game. Moreover, Magneto spitting that prominent parolee-gangster take-over-the-world game at her. Both are trying to mindfuck the bitch even though they are both acutely aware that she is more powerful than they are. So, they are both using every drop of game in their arsenal to get her to choose them. Now, this is the part that really grabbed my attention! Moreover, this was what was so cold about the whole scene. The Bitch Gene flips--do to both of them fucking with her head so hard. Moreover, her lack of control and direction of her new found powers Moreover; she suspends the entire house in the air as well as everyone in it. She sends both of them flying on some "get out of my head" type shit. Magneto is looking like this Bitch is powerful as hell! Professor X is still on that smooth shit, so he is still shooting game at her. Like, let me guide you! At this point, she has had enough of the bullshit, so she incinerates Professor X! Moreover, the whole house comes crashing down to the ground, and all is still. Moreover, my motherfucking nigga Magneto does the coldest shit in TV history! This nigga gets up, looks at the spot where Professor X was, walks over to where Gene is sitting, and puts his cape and arm around the Bitch and says, "Come on! You’re with me!" Moreover, the Bitch went! (Laughing my ass off) Magneto showed no emotions to the fact that she'd just killed Professor X. He kept his eyes on the prize. Moreover, finished the mission he came to do. 

It's a cold world out here. So, dress warm players. Peace! -HighLife Phi, Courtesy of UPA (June 2, 2013)

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